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10th Aug:Mumbai: Workshop bringing together Brilliant professionals and Students

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  • soumya_taw
    Youth Force for Better India -A process to Excellence How many of us are happy with the current situation of our Country? We have seen the unreceptive system,
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2008
      Youth Force for Better India -A process to Excellence

      How many of us are happy with the current situation of our Country?
      We have seen the unreceptive system, unhealthy politics and
      competition, ever increasing crime rate, unshakable poverty and many
      more agonizing aspects of our Great Nation. The list is never

      Our call to all the responsible citizens of our Nation is: Why have
      we accepted the society the way it is? Why have we become
      insensitive to ourselves, others and to our surroundings? Is our
      motive just to survive or is it to experience and lead the
      meaningful life of beautiful human existence?

      Our actions have to be properly directed for the betterment of our
      lives, our families, our community, our Nation and the world.
      Somewhere we have forgotten that our country has inherent gifts of
      God. Spiritual thinking has been an integral part of every Indian,
      but spiritual thinking alone will not solve the crisis of our Nation
      today. To bring about a real transformation requires spiritual
      actions through our sincere and serious efforts.

      We, the Youth Force for Better India have taken a conscious decision
      to change the present state of our Nation and world. YFBI promises a
      new way, a new world ¡V where future generations will be able to
      in peace and harmony with all.

      Here is one Youth Forum which provides an opportunity to transform
      ourselves, nurture our talents and bring forth our hidden potential
      to become more successful, more beautiful human beings and above all
      see our Vision become a reality.

      We will offer you a series of transformational workshops, designed
      to trigger the process of achieving success for your life, your
      work, your relationships, and society in general.
      Our trained faculty will provide a platform to enhance your
      personality, communication and
      emerge successful in every sphere of Life.

      At YFBI we provide an opportunity to step out a little more beyond
      your familiar pathways, on a journey toward wholeness; a "magical"
      blend of Life Teachings, Meditation, and Creative Visualization.

      Youth Force for Better India (YFBI) cordially invites you to an
      introductory workshop for Youngsters and Young at heart individuals.

      We look forward to meeting students, young professionals and others
      young at heart, to participate in this EXPERIENTIAL

      Benefits from this Workshop:

      The workshop aims at bringing together brilliant professionals and
      students on the common platform to learn from each other¡¦s

      Create your Vision and see it become a reality.

      Learn about the Human Mind Human Mind is a complex synergy of
      Life¡¦s experiences be it pain,pleasure,anger, joy, anxiety, or
      be anything. Conditioning of our mind does not allow us to fulfill
      many of our heartfelt desires and ambitions. YFBI will provide you
      certain teachings which will empower you to break free from the
      complexities and conditioning of human mind to lead a life of
      wholeness, wellness, and meaning.

      This is a motivational practicum for young leaders who would be
      guided through to find innovative solutions to challenging concerns
      of today¡¦s social living.

      Workshop Details:

      Date: 10th August 2008 (Sunday)
      Time: 9:30am-2:00 pm
      Venue: Dadar Bhagani Samaj Hall
      Hindu Colony,
      Road no.3
      Dadar (E)

      Kindly register yourself at the earliest by sending a mail at
      yfbi.information@... Please give your personal details- viz
      name, address contact number, email id, occupation and kindly
      mention your areas of interest too. Also bring along 2 passport size
      photographs for
      Registration at the venue on 10th August 2008

      For more details contact:
      9892446647, 9324252613
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