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would like to contribute to sports/human rights

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  • karmayog
    Name : v.ramnarayan Organisation (if any) : Email : ramnarayan.v@gmail.com Telephone : 9820021961 Subject : sports/human rights Message : would like to
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       Name :v.ramnarayan
       Organisation (if any) :
       Email :ramnarayan.v@...
       Telephone :9820021961
       Subject :sports/human rights
       Message :
      would like to contribute on the subject areas.
      re:sports,there is need for the schools and corporate worls to get together to develop sports facilities at the schools. the incentive for the corporate to invest, would be usage of the facilities on the weekends when schools are closed. it needs some one to frame a working arrangement.

      on human rights:many would need legal aid, especially those underprivileged.with many cases dragging for yrs, many innocent victims suffer at the hands of a slow nad noncaring system
      [are you giving suggestions for others to do or are you saying you will yourself do the above? Vinay]
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