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Dec 7 - 10: Inner Engineering workshop: ISHA FOUNDATION

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    From: Indo-American Society This is with reference to a programme by Isha Foundation. Kindly view the e brochure for the details. Isha Foundation is an
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      This is with reference to a programme by Isha Foundation.  Kindly view the e brochure for the details.
      Isha Foundation is an international non profit organization which conducts various public welfare programs to advance physical, mental and spiritual health.  Its founder is Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev who is a realized Yogi,and a visionary.


      About Sadhguru : An arresting blend of profundity and pragmatism, Sadhguru is a speaker of international renown having addressed various global forums. He has been a delegate to the United Nations Millennium Peace Summit, a member of the World Council of Religious Leaders, as well as a special invitee to the recent Australian Leadership Retreat, Tallberg Forum, India Economic Summit and the World Economic Forum at Davos in January 2006.


      As somebody who belongs to no particular tradition, Sadhguru incorporates and presents us what is most valid for contemporary life from the yogic sciences.


      The Program


      Sadhguru is conducting two programs one is on Inner Engineering and the other one is a one day exclusive event for a select group of business leaders called the "Business Leaders  Empowerment  Program". Brief description of the program is as follows.


      1. Inner Engineering program

      "As we have a physical science to create external well-being, there is a whole inner dimension of science to create inner well-being, I call this inner engineering." - Sadhguru

      For people seeking personal and professional excellence this intensive program program offers the key to all aspects of health, inner growth and success. It is a powerful tool that allows one to engineer one's inner energies into fullness and balance. Isha Yoga practices stimulate the release of physical and emotional blocks. No matter what one's age or occupation, this powerful tool can be applied to create a more healthy and joyous life.

      It features guided meditations, discussions and transmission of the life-transforming Shambhavi Maha Mudra – a powerful process of immeasurable antiquity that fits easily into one's lifestyle.

      Some benefits of the program are:

      • Shambhavi Maha Mudra helps center your energy, reduce stress and activate creativity.
      • It is a proven tool for preventive health and has helped thousands find relief from chronic ailments such as asthma, obesity, diabetes, hypertension, migraine, arthritis etc., 
      • The program can enhance memory, concentration and productivity within a few weeks of practice.  
      • Helps create an inner space that remains untouched by the turbulences of external situations.
      • This form of yoga does not require change of lifestyle, belief or religion

      Sadhguru will be conducting an "Inner Engineering workshop" in Mumbai from 7-10 December. ( 7 th & 8 th evening and 9th & 10th ( full days)). The program offers tools which

      are easy to integrate into the everyday life of a busy executive and executives who have participated in the programs have reported marked reduction in stress and blood pressure levels.  Scientifically structured, the programs can transform the very way an individual works and bring about greater intensity and productivity


      Some of the National and International organizations which have experienced Isha Yoga programs include Chrysler, General Motors, Time Inc, Ford Medical Centre, Hindustan Lever, Institutes such as Omega Inst. New York, Wright University, University of Michigan, Ohio etc, Indian Army, Navy and Airforce, Indian Olympic Hockey Team, Great Eastern Shipping, Times of India, Murugappa group, BSE, Tata Mutual Fund, Citibank, Indian Bank, ICICI Bank etc.


      The  ebrochure is enclosed herewith. The donation amount is Rs 8500/-


       2. "Business leaders Empowerment Program" -- This program is  being hosted by Bombay Stock Exchange along with ISHA foundation and in association with Times of India Group. This  will be conduted by Sadhguru for a   select group of Business Leaders on the 8th december at The TAJ Hotel. The program is an interactive session aimed at offering top business leaders key insights and experential tools for professional  and personal excellance. The Donation amount is RS 12000/-


      Warm regards

      Kavita Pasricha
      # 0 98200 40609
      Given below--E brochure



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