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Pl support our Jivdaya actiaviites

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    From: shree jivdaya pariwar charitable trust 307 Mandvi Navjivan 121/127 kazi sayed st Mumbai 400 004 tel: 91-22-2341 5656/5757 fax: 91-22-2342 2719
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2005
      From: shree jivdaya pariwar charitable trust
      307 Mandvi Navjivan 121/127 kazi sayed st Mumbai 400 004
      tel: 91-22-2341 5656/5757 fax: 91-22-2342 2719 email:
      tcpl@... "Thakker Chemicals Pvt.Ltd"

      We request your help for our Jivdaya activities

      Charitable Trust & Member of ANIMAL WELFARE BOARD OF INDIA) are based in
      VAPI (GUJ) administrative office in Mumbai. Our activities spans providing
      Shelter at Vapi, Hygienic Food, Medical Treatment, & Personal Care in Vapi,
      (Guj) & Masjid (West.) & Mulund (W.) in Mumbai area.

      Basically, we believe in Service of Man kind. & Donation is part of our
      Ancient Religion We believe in Dharma where Punya is part of Life. We are
      taught from our Birth time to collect Punya.. Punya is nothing but taking
      care of needy. Since Man is intelligent & fully capable of fulfilling his
      own needs, we try to reach the most needy creatures i.e.Small Animals,
      viz:Dogs, Cats, Squirrels & all kinds of Birds.

      In our shelter at Vapi, we provide Home cooked Food, Milk, & Basic care for
      nearly 60 to 70 small animals mostly Stray Dogs, who are living there 24
      hours a day. In Mumbai we feed Biscuits - Milk and other eatables to nearly
      150 - 200 small animals daily.

      We also provide Basic Medical Treatment, Vaccination, & Basic Hygiene care.

      We have personally saved weak, injured and ill Stray Dogs in Mumbai as
      well as Vapi & rehabilitated them at Vapi Shelter.

      We have observed that when Animals get ill OR meet with an Accident Or at
      the Birth of offsprings nobody takes care of them. Even Public Transport
      refuses to take the injured animals to Hospitals. Hence we plan to buy an
      Ambulance for small Animals to provide them instant relief in critical
      time. An Ambulance can also be used as Emergency Medical Aid
      Center, providing food and basic Transport to & fro Vapi and Mumbai.

      Since last 3 - 4 years we are doing above activities with our own
      resources & help from our Friends and Well wishers Since our activities
      are increasing the expenses are also going on the higher side. In today's
      time, it is very difficult to shoulder all the expenses and simultaneously
      increase the care of number of animals. Due to financial constraints, the
      pace at which we want to progress is hampered.

      Our Ambulance project for small animals is under process, & in near future
      we are also planning to buy a large Ambulance for Big Animals (Cows /
      Buffaloes etc ). As well as one new Spacious ( open farm house type )
      Shelter with all facilities for big and small animals and birds.

      As you are aware that sustaining such work requires Financial freedom as
      well as Team Work. We try our level best to provide all above but still we
      need your whole hearted support. OUR DAY TO DAY EXPENSES COMES TO NEARLY RS

      We solicit your co-operation as under:

      ( 1 ) You can adopt small animals by paying per day expenses @ Rs 40/- for
      any number of days and any number of animals, which will be highly
      beneficial to needy animals & you are also welcome to visit our shelter at
      Vapi. We assure you that your visit will be highly satisfying to your
      Aatman ( Soul )

      the complete Ambulance.
      ( 2 ) You can participate in our small Ambulance project which is on the
      verge of completion by way of Donations in the form of cash or by sharing
      the fuel expenses per day which will come to nearly Rs 300/ per day.You can
      also contribute the salary of Driver/Medical Assistants for number of

      ( 3 ) The Best way to keep the Cherished Memories of your loved ones -
      or departed ones or Elders & keeping their Names alive by way of
      contributing an amount for Ambulance . We will paint the name of Donor /
      Donors on the body of Vehicle. OR you can sponsor

      ( 4 ) Valsad District is the most fertile land in South Gujarat, and
      Vegetation & Rainfall is highest & regular. Even Grass for Animal feed is
      supplied to other parts of Gujarat state and all over India from Valsad
      district. There is no History of water scarcity in this part of Gujarat. We
      are planning to make one New Shelter with all facilities for all types of
      Big & Small Animals & Birds. We request you to contribute generously for
      the above project. There will be different sections for different of
      Animals & Birds and each section will be self sufficient in all facilities
      we suggest you to adopt one such section for particular time.

      We hope you might consider our request. Thanking you,

      Yours truly,
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