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Rename Mumbai Central after Shankarseth'

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  • ganesh - karmayog
    Rename Mumbai Central after Shankarseth Mayor Datta Dalvi makes demand to city s Guardian Minister PANDURANG MHASKE Mayor Datta Dalvi wants the Mumbai Central
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 2, 2006
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      Rename Mumbai Central after Shankarseth'
      Mayor Datta Dalvi makes demand to city's Guardian Minister

      Mayor Datta Dalvi wants the Mumbai Central railway station renamed after
      Jagannath Shankarseth, one of the founders and first directors of the Great
      Indian Peninsular Railway who was instrumental in the setting up of the
      VT-to-Thane rail network. He made the demand before State Finance Minister
      and Guardian Minister for Mumbai Jayant Patil yesterday when the latter
      visited the BMC headquarters.

      Patil said that if the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) passed a
      resolution in this regard, the state government would follow up the matter
      with the Central government.

      He also asked how the state could raise the issue before the Centre
      before a resolution was passed in the corporation.

      Patil discussed various civic issues with the mayor, municipal
      commissioner Johny Joseph and corporators. He said that as guardian
      minister, his priority areas were water supply, slum redevelopment and the
      repair of old and dilapidated buildings.

      When told that the state government had not paid the BMC property tax,
      water tax and education grant amounting to Rs 450 crore, Patil pointed out
      that the BMC too had to pay some amount to the state. The difference would
      be calculated and the rest of the amount paid to the corporation, he said.


      Jagannath Shankarseth was born on February 10, 1803, in a wealthy Murkute
      family of the Daivadnya community. His father was a businessman and a
      landlord. Jagannath wanted to see the all-round development of Mumbai. His
      initiative in this direction saw the setting up of the J J School of Art,The
      Prince Albert Museum and Victoria Gardens. He was also instrumental in
      founding the Royal Asiatic Society. Visualising the importance of bulk
      transportation in future, Shankarseth formed the first Bombay Steam
      Navigation Company. He also realised the need for Railways and formed the
      first Inland Railway Association, which persuaded the British to lay tracks
      from Victoria Terminus to Thane. This later came to be known as the Great
      Indian Peninsular Railway. He was made one of its first Indian directors.

      Mayor Datta Dalvi

      Publication:Mumbai Mirror ; Date:Aug 11, 2006; Section:City; Page Number:4

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