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Request support for victims of Tsunami in Nagapattinam

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    Dear friends, We are one of the subscriber of Karmayog.com and we are involving relief services for the victims of Tsunami in Nagapattinam areas of Tamilnadu
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 6, 2005
      Dear friends,
      We are one of the subscriber of Karmayog.com and we are involving relief services for the victims of Tsunami in Nagapattinam areas of Tamilnadu which is very close to our opertional area.We submit our appeal to Karmayog.com and request you to publish the appeal in your website to mobilise needed assistaance for rendering of relief services for the victims.
      We givewn below the actual situation of the tragedy and our request :


      Tsunami affected the Nagapattinm and other 30 hamlets of east coast  areas of Tamil Nadu on 26th December,2004 at 9.15a.m

      Our ISSI team,local youth andgroups started the rescue activities in the affected areas on 27thDec,2004t.Thousands of dead bodies were not removed andburied/burned sofar.
      So, our team totally 15 members involved in the rescueoperation and
      buried/burned. The death rate is above 5000  in the area..

      We have collected moreinformations and observed the actual situation of the Tsunami tragedy during our rescue services in the sea shore villages. And also, we discuse with the affected youth and community leaders and observe thesituation in the camps where the affected people accommodated in theNagapattinam area.

      We understood the situation and their immediate andlong term  needs. It
      will take another two weeks for the area come fornormal situation.Then
      only, we can get correct figures and datas.

      And  also, we are expecting  government datas about the situation.The given
      informations will explain the actual situation ofNagapattinam area due
      to the Tsunami tragedy.

                * No.ofvillages/hamlets affected 
                         :  30
                *Badly/seriously affected : 15
      * The hamlets completely vanished :o5                     

                              (Akkaraiptty,NambiyarNagar,MGR Nagar,


      No. of deaths         : Above 5000
                * No of affected
                          people               : 75000
                * No of camps where the
                 affected people accommodated: 50
                * Places where the people
                       accommodated               : Temples, schools,                                               marriage
                                           community halls in
                                      Nagapattinam, Thiruvarur,

      The conditions of their houses and property;

      • More than15000 families lost their houses which were completely
      • Lost their boats and fish nets

      • Lost their bedding, cooking vessels,furniture, jewels and clothes

      About women :  Many women lost
      theirhusband and children. They are become helplesswidows.

      About children : Hundreds of children lost their father &mother; some
      children lost their father or mother. Many children wereadmitted in
      hospitals for various diseases and injuries.

      About agedpeople :
      Hundreds of aged  people both sex in the age group of 50-60yrs lost
      their son/daughter and become helpless.

      Our Organisation, INDIAN SOCIAL SERVICE INSTITUTE initiate anet work of
      NGOs called Relief Action Net (RAN) for organizing andproviding immediate relief services and long term measures for theTsunami affected people of Nagapattinam areas of Tamil nadu  region byjoint action. At present  6 NGOs are in the net work those who are wellexperience in the relief and
      rehabilitation activities in the regionfor many years.

      ISSI will function as a legal holder and co-ordinating  agency for execution of
      the relief services. As a legalholder and co ordinating agency ISSI
      will co ordinate the program andsubmit various reports to the
      supporting agencies time to time. We willopen a office for the relief
      service activities in the Nagapattinamtown very soon. In the mean time
      kindly send ll your communications tothe address of ISSI office which
      is given below :

      Kaikuruchi village
      Thiruvarangulam(via) 622 303
      Tamilnadu, India

      E.mil :issi_org2002@...

      PhoneNo: 9344038472

      How you can help :
      We need your help (both cash
      &kind) immediately for the following for the benefit of 5000 people.             

      • Supply of food items like
      rice,cerels,sugr,biscuits and milk powder etc.,
      • Distribution of
      clothes for all age groups,blankets & mats.cooking vessels
      • Supply ofpure drinking
        water by lorry/tanker for the affected peopleaccommodated in 10
      • Basic medicine,bandages and plastersetc.,
      The small
      children below 5yrs in the camps are badly in need ofmilk powder.Many
      mothers re in the hospitals for treatment.No way togive breast milk for
      the small children.So,it is very urgent to supplymilk powder and
      nutritional supplements which will prevent malnutrition and prevent the
      children from various diseases.

      Weselected badly affected hamlets
      and provide such relief services atleast 5000 people now.We are
      especting your support and your  actionfor mobilizing people /agencies
      in your region/country to support for the affected people as early as

      So,your support is urgently needed.Please send all your
      financial contributionas early as possible to our organisation.

      We believe that you can also,contribute for the important cause and help the victims atyour level best.

      Yours Sincerely,

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