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Disaster: su-jok training to public

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    Field of Work Providing training to public so that they can look after their own health problems without medicines.
    Message 1 of 1 , May 31, 2006
      Field of Work                                        Providing training to public so that they can look after their own health problems without medicines.  

      Speciality of Work                                It is very simple and very effective. Training Nursing staff of Nair Hospital Also just returned after training Teaching and non-yeaching staff of University of Kurkshetra, Haryana, Letter from Vice Chacellor attached.

      Infrastructure available:                         A Holistic Healing Centre, 21 Lion Members, 34 Leo members
          - people including volunteers that can be mobilised                     and 4 paid staff.
          - types of equipment   All equipment to treat through su Jok therapy.
          - no. & types of vehicles     One Versa A.C. Van, and personal cars.
          - training facility                  We can training over 100 persons at a time. Audio Visual equipment for holding training program
          - intellectual, professional & mobilisational expertise Plenty

      Services that can be provided before / during / after disasters: Every one can learn Su Jok and help others in emergency.
      Name of Organisation: Lions Club of Su Jok Mumbai

      Address:                    Luthria House, anandrao devale Road, Juhu, MUMBAI 400 049

      Telephone:                 26206243
      Fax:                          26254476 
      Email:                       gbluthria@..., gbluthria@...
      Website:                    www.lionsclubsujok.org
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