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BMC to spy on City from Air -- ha ha

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  • Ramita Mehta
    Today I read an article in Mumbai Mirror BMC to spy on City from Air to tackle twin problems of encroachments and illegal structures. I am not sure if it
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 2, 2006
      Today I read an article in Mumbai Mirror "BMC to spy on City from Air" to
      tackle twin problems of encroachments and illegal structures.

      I am not sure if it will make much impact on these 2 points. I stay in
      Kandivali E which I can safely say is the 2nd biggest slum (after Dharavi).
      Each & every small lane in the slum has a slum lord and the newcomers are
      provided with accomodation by them ONLY as they own all the houses
      constructed there. BMC always has the information about such new extension
      but turns a blind eye to it as not ONE particular person in BMC is
      responsible about such an extension. Only if we can put such
      responsibilities on one particular person for an area and stringent
      punishment is given to such people including losing their job, then only we
      will be effectively able to curb these encroachments.

      I presume that the new constructions going on every where in the city could
      not be started without BMC's approval then how do illegal constructions come
      up? Any person collecting garbage from an area will know any new
      construction happening in the area and can be used to find out about such
      activities every where, every traffic police will know the same.

      Problem is
      of COMPLETE CORRUPTION. Rampant corruption from bottom to top is eating away
      all our system. It can be dealt with only by complete computerisation,
      bringing in 100% transperancy and identifying specific responsibility for
      each post and taking action against the people from top to bottom for their
      inaction. If Kandivali is dirty, drains are clogged, garbage is scattered,
      roads have holes, no footpaths, hawkers, auto, bus and trucks making any
      place their parking space, WHO is responsible? We have to take all the
      concerned officers to task. They are not helpless. They can slap any amount
      of fine on guilty parties be it society, individual, shop or whatever. The
      officer has to supervise the work. They have to take the report after
      completion of work. They have to do random inspection. Then only, they will
      be effective.

      Let us start with the observation column. This column will have the names of
      as many lanes as possible under each ward. Any person can send one's problem
      or observation to Concerned Ward officer + copy to Mr. Ratho through this
      column. After a week also if the problem persists, it will be reported
      again. Ward officer has to give in writing why is he /she unable to solve
      that problem. Local ALM in a meeting with Corporator, elected representative
      and ward officer will decide how ALM or any of these parties can help in
      solving the problem. These meetings should be monthly and must be attended
      by all the above and the minutes should be available in the internet.
      These ward officers daily schedule should also be available in the net for
      the public to find out how is he/she passing the time.

      Lastly, will some one let me know who gives the permission for opening the
      bars? As in a small stretch of 100 metres of Akurli Road, 6 bars have come
      up in 3 years. BMC must have a strong and effective complaint cell on the
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