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97079Waiting charges for auto taxi - report in Times of India

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  • P. R
    Aug 22, 2014
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      My reaction to the above, published in TOI epaper:..............

      VOTE THE STATE GOVT OUT OF POWER and bring in a Government that will listen. Remember that last time when the fares were increased to Rs 15 as minimum, many questioned why the tariff card does not mention WAITING CHARGES. Nobody took reponsibility or claimed responsibility for the decision on WAITING CHARGES. This is the most irrational charge levied on the customer. The minimum distance should be lowered to ONE Kilometer and minimum charge reduced to Rs 10/-.  Many senior citizens use autos just to cross the road and reduce getting injured at the chaotic traffic, in traffic signal areas. One has to be a runner of Olympic Standard to cross a signal. The Goverment policy is akin to ROBBING PETER TO PAY PAUL. Govt has nothing to lose but gets support from an organised group, which comes in handy at many a  time. Remember there is no waiting charge by BEST. There is no waiting charge in SHARE AUTO SCHEME. No waiting charge for the share taxi scheme flourishing at Nariman Point. Permitting waiting charge is equivalent to approving MEDIOCRITY in Traffic Management. 

      PRV Raghavan