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  • karmayog.org
    Jul 12, 2014

      On 12-Jul-2014, at 2:39 pm, Sridharan Pillai Pakkam Nattu <p.n.sridharan@...> wrote:

      Dear Sirs,

           MMRD should rectify obvious errors in the infra projects
      1. SCLR :

      Provide Lighting, Pedestrian Crossing, avoiding criss- crossing, Service Rd not commissioned etc:

      I had noted that below new SCLR fly over, there is no provision for lighting.
      I presumed at the time it was open to public, election norms were in force and thought that they will do it a month or two. But it doesn;t seems so.

      Such serious errors are noted by you and me and drawn to the attention of MMRDA and others.

      Our experts and MPs have the responsibility to shout at these but nothing seems to be happening.

      Now the State Assembly Elections are due and we must draw the attention of MLAs and corporators for the deficiency of service in several areas.
      Pl note other points :

      1.Vehicles coming from Fine Arts Society have to take the wide road below the bridge and not the left which is narrow and is just at the foot of the slope of the flyover landing at Amarmahal Jn.

      2.Entire Service Rd from Amarmahal Jn to Pestom Sagar Jn is not available for traffic. They have to concrete of resurface.

      3.At every landing from flyover, vehicles cut/ cross corssthe lanes to take SCLR or old Sion flyover (Tembey flyover). This is a violation of road laws.
      Here these are taking place on the Express Highway.

      4.What have they done to prevent accidents at Amarmahal Jn?
      This Jn is like a foot ball ground.
      How anyone cross from Pestom Sagar to Chembur market?

      2.Metro Mess at Ghatkopar End :

       i. Skywalk dangling in the Air without being integrated with Metro Stn:

      i.In the case of Metro about which there is so much tom tom, the skywalf on the Ghatkopar west is not connected to the Metro Bldg and is hanging in the air.

      Skywalk abruptly stops at about 2 ft from the Metro Building.

      Not connecting skywalk, makes dispersal of crowd difficult.
      We should remember Kasab massacre at CST during the terrorist activities.

      ii. Weather Protection over Skywalk missed :

      The staircase of the skywalk leading to Shradhanand Marg at the turning nearer to the Ghatkopar West Rly Stn though commissioned about 3 yrs ago is still not provided with weather covering.

      ii. Declare Rly FOB as thorough fare :

      FOB is the only way to reach Metro from Ghatkopar East. But FOB crossing is tress passing.

      If it is presumed that this is not trespassinng,  will the C.Rly put up a board that the FOB can be used by the public if they have to reach Metro Stn or
      Ghatkopar West.

      iii. Differently abled not taken care of :

      From the Metro Platform, wheel chair can land a differently abled to the Metro Rail. But how will he reach the platform from Ghatkopar East without an elevator to reach the FOB ?

      iv. Stopping outstation trains at Ghatkopar:

      This will reduce the stress and strain of the travellers from Western suburbsto take outstation train at Ghatkopar and take Metro Train to Western Suburbs instead of  Dadar.

      This will also help reduce heavy rush at Dadar station in the early mornings when several trains arrive simultaneously.

      v. CCTV for Metro Stn and Ghatkopar Rly Stn:

      CCTV to detect crime like teasing women, rape etc is important.

      vi.Announcing system and Signboards:

      Arrangements forarrival departure announcements with signboards  of  Metro Rly at Ghatkopar C.Rly Platform and of Cenrtral Rly at the Metro Rail Platforms the  must be made.

      vii. There are no clocks bigh enough to know the time  at any of the Metro Rly stns.

      Seamless Travel - one ticket to travel by C.Rly, Metro Train and BEST :

      This is the ultimate object of our infra projects.There are several agencies involved and hence there is absence of coordination and hence no one is responsible.

      I have given examaple of how MMRD, the apex authority for coordinating the
      projects have failed in their planning and execution.

      There is a need for a perpetaual monitoring of the operations of all the modes of transport even after they are commissione.

      Station Area Improvement- Potential threat for safety and Security of women :

      i.Ticketing Counters of C.Rly on Glhatkopar East is at a very far off place from the bus stops and is slushy during monsoon. The whole approach is encroached by parking of vehicles and vendors.

      ii.No toilets on the Ghatkopar East at the Rly stn.

      iii. Old ticketing sheds are right opposite the bus stops are being used as urinals and dumping garbage.

      iv. Drug addicts and others sleep below the stair case.

      v. Encroachment at the approach to Rly stn both at Ghatkopar East and West.
      by vendors, hawkers. Thursday there is a big market and the situation becomes uncontrollable.

      What he city police, BMC encroachment clearance Dept, Traffic Police are doing ?

      Addresses, e mail addresses, Mobile contacts of all the Govt Depts, Railways, BMC officers, Police Depts, MPs, MLAs, Corpoarators are not available and also not updated.

      This is a serious issue. Even those who complain cannot reach their views in the absence of the contact details.It should be mandatory for them to periodically update them.

      Time to complain and vigorously pursuing them:

      Public are disillusioned. They have to run to earn their bread and butter. In spite of this if one in a million complains, there is no response. This discourages complaining.

      There are thousands of intelligent NGOs in Mumbai.

      Our systme of working and attitude to their viwes does not promote to improve the living conditions.

      This should change.

      Media don;t write these deficiencies.

      I request all experts, MPs, MLAs, coroporators to take up these issues.


      P.N.Sridharan. p.n.sridharan@...
      0 97571 34564. 91  022 2506 5011
      Sarena  C 502, Shanti Park,
      Ghatkopar East, Mumbai 400077

      On Sat, Jul 12, 2014 at 12:46 PM, P. R <prv380@...> wrote:
      Lack of light below SCLR near Tilaknagar Station

      SCLR is an integrated constructure

      How come they missed lighting below Elevated Structure ?

      There is too much light on the elevated bridge but very poor below.

      Pl alert agencies.

      Also Varsha Raut about consumer deficiency - common man is consumer who apys Civic taxes


      Adiyen  Ramanuja Dasan
      P.N.Sridharan. p.n.sridharan@...
      0 97571 34564. 91  022 2506 5011
      Sarena  C 502, Shanti Park,
      Ghatkopar East, Mumbai 400077