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  • karmayog - tanya
    Jun 26, 2014
      Nigel Britto

      It's pretty amazing, I think, that the more muck the Govt throws on Gopal
      Subramanium, the faster he becomes a Hero. #SaveTheSC

      "There are two kinds of judges - those who know the law & those who know the
      law minister." ~ Ram Jethmalanmi.

      If a Govt is SO desperate not to let a guy chosen by the Court become an SC
      judge, the chap is probably exactly what the system needs.

      The IB charged Gopal Subramaniam with "odd behavior" & "relying on instincts
      rather than logic". Think they confused him with Luis Suarez.

      CBI, IB (both 'independent', of course) join Govt in stalling Gopal
      Subramaniam's appointment as SC judge

      With ONE move, the Govt has managed to tarnish the image of the SC, the CBI,
      the IB, Gopal Subramaniam and the Govt itself.