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96207PATH Article - Illegal hawking breeds criminal acts in Malad

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    Jun 25, 2014
      URL: http://epaper.dnaindia.com/story.aspx?id=63540&boxid=32429&ed_date=2014-04-29&ed_code=820009&ed_page=3

      Illegal hawking breeds criminal acts in Malad

      The attack on a journalist and his wife outside Malad station on Saturday is
      a worrying outcome of the uncontrolled illegal hawking activity that enables
      criminal elements to operate in such situations, according to traders and
      residents in the area.

      Sanjay Prasad of Jia news channel was assaulted by a group of four or five
      men on Saturday after he objected to a man who abused his wife as they were
      walking on Sainath market road, in Malad (West).

      Prasad suffered a deep cut on the head and was treated at a private hospital.
      One person has been arrested in the matter. The men are believed to be
      hawkers who are operating in the area.

      On Monday, a delegation of TV journalists met municipal commissioner Sitaram
      Kunte and complained to him about the incident and the illegal hawking
      activity that is jeopardising the security of citizens.

      Prasad, who was a part of the delegation, told Kunte that they were not even
      shopping there and therefore there was no reason for the attack. He narrated
      the incident and suggested that it was a plain case of hooliganism.

      The municipal commissioner assured the journalists of action in the matter.
      He explained that following the Supreme Court order on regulating hawking
      activities, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) was working on a
      plan to bring all unregulated hawker under the ambit of a legal framework.

      “Presently, all unlicensed hawkers are termed as illegal. The Town Vending
      Committee for street vendors is formulating a policy,” Kunte said.

      Sirish Gotecha, president, Malad Vyapari Sangh, has said that Saturday’s
      attack is only the tip of the iceberg. Such cases of persons making lewd
      remarks against women happen umpteen times daily. But while few women will
      protest, the majority just put their heads down and move on. “These illegal
      hawkers occupy both sides of the road, blocking traffic,” he said.

      Civic staffers in the area suggest that the crowd of hawkers have been
      encouraged by local MLA Aslam Shaikh and MP Sanjay Nirupam. They not only
      support the businesses, but have dared the local civic authorities to take
      action. This was clearly being done with an eye on the vote bank.

      “Without such backing no one would not dare to misbehave. A person who
      wants to do business would treat patrons with respect and not create such a
      situation,” said a hawker, who has been operating on Sainath road for over
      two decades. He pointed out that new hawkers entered the area everyday and he
      could not see how the BMC would differentiate between legal and illegal


      A shopkeeper explained that if they complained to the ward office about the
      illegal hawkers, a team of the licence department would post themselves for
      about two hours (between 4pm and 6pm), during which period the hawkers
      suspend their business, and reopen during the heavy evening rush after the
      team has left. “Who can beat this system,” he asked.