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96196RTI ON WHEELS - Seeking support for this initiative

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  • karmayog
    Jun 25, 2014
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      Having taken many different initiatives to propagate RTI and conduct Mass awareness programmes to reach people, we realised that there are still many who need to become aware of RTI. This was revealed through the findings of the survey that was presented at the recently concluded Western Region RTI Convention in Mumbai.                                        

      We have networked with various public authorities for conducting mass awareness campaigns on RTI  but these have catered to urban masses. There are many on outskirts of our cities and towns besides the rural areas in the state that need to be made aware.

      The "RTI on Wheels" has been a concept that I have had in mind for a long time and I have been toying with this idea and exploring its utility and effectiveness. My interaction and moving around with MAHITI ADHIKAR GUJRAT PEHAL, which have this mobile RTI van has convinced me of its need to achieve our objective of reaching out widely in our state.

      The support I received from so many for the RTI Convention gives me hope that this initiative and idea could be a possibility with the help of individuals, institutions, corporates and citizens groups.
      I, therefore, request any body who wishes to support this project financially to send an e-mail at mahitiadhikarmanch@... or call at 9892102424
      In service of RTI

      Bhaskar Prabhu
      Mahiti Adhikar Manch &
      Maharashtra RTI Council
      National Campaign for People's Right to Information.
      Core Member - Police Reforms Watch.

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