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95990Truth of Sahara Shahar and demand for enquiry

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  • Nutan Thakur
    Jun 16, 2014

      Truth of Sahara Shahar and demand for enquiry

      We have requested the Lucknow Nagar Nigam and Lucknow Development Authority to enquire into the Sahara Shahar matter and take necessary action accordingly. We have also prayed to be shown the official documents related with these matters.

      We have presented the 25 page licence agreement dated 22 October 1994 made between Lucknow Nagar Nigam and Sahara India Housing Limited according to which Nagar Nigam gave the 170 acre land obtained from LDA to Sahara Housing with an undertaking that Sahara Housing would construct plots and flats and would allot them to general public, though the possession and title of the land would remain vested in Nagar Nigam, who shall in turn be signing these lease deeds. This scheme was to get completed within 4 years.

      In addition a provisional lease dead dated 22 October 1994, finalized through final deed dated 23 June 1995gave the 40 acre land in village Ujariaon and Jiamau on 30 years lease to Sahara Housing to develop it as Green belt within 4 years.

      Sahara Housing has not complied with these agreement conditions till date. Instead of making plots and flats for common people and creating Green belt, it has turned in into a fortress like Sahara Shahar. Hence we have requested that a specialized high-level enquiry committee consisting of specialists from urban development, finance and law enquire into the matter thereby fixing accountability as well as suggesting the best possible course of action in public interest to be taken now.

      Copy of the letter sent to authorities--

      Dr Nutan Thakur
      # 094155-34525