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95266SATYA - BMC - Tree Cutting - T Ward

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    Apr 18, 2014
       A. Details of complaint already filed with BMC
       Date complaint filed with BMC 10 th March 2014
       Method of filing of complaint letter to MCGM
       BMC Complaint no. 27714
       Complained to Tree Cutting / Mr Sunil K Rathod ( T-Ward)
       Response of BMC  till date 18th April 2014. no response from BMC
       Follow-up through RTI?
       No. Reason busy due to work
       B. Complaint Details
       City Mumbai
       Ward T
       Area Mulund (W)
       Nearest Main Road l.b.s.marg
       Problem Since One Month Ago
       Category Miscellaneous
       Sub-category MSC03 - Nuisance due to vagrants on muncipal roads,footpaths,gardens
       Brief Subject  Tree cutting without BMC permision
       Detailed Complaint http://www.karmayog.org/Complaints/upload/1589/RT BMC MAR 1003 2014.docx
       Suggestion for a Solution Please Take a proper Action against victim as soon as possible.& send a copy to me for betterment correspondence in future.
       C. Complainant's Details
       My Name Kanti H Karia    Display - Yes
       Organisation -    Display - No
       Email kantikaria69@...    Display - No
       Phone Number  9702106060    Display - Yes
       Address  A/103, Runwal Towers, lbs marg, mulund west , mumbai.    Display - No
       Pincode  400080