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94491Re: no2co2 -- No to Carbon Dioxide

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  • Sadanand Nadkarni
    Mar 2, 2014
      Vivek Gilani, the problem is well understood. Many intellectuals feel helpless as in a Psunami, because nobody tells us what is to be done? I have several ideasbut they need FUNDS and corporate infra-structure. Unless alternatives are-not just suggested- but actually implemented, any discussion is going to be futile.Take for instance,the role of electric car that too run through solar generation of electricity.The technology exists, is actually in market but does not get popularised because afew sops needed are not offered nor pleaded for.
      I look at the VAST terraces of our hospitals and schools.If wind and solar generation was undertaken, the needs of the very hospitals during the day time might be taken care of, saving lot of pollutionfrom diesel and coal. You mention that a million dollars per day are spent for oil exploration. Are there any companies who will spend a million dollars in the whole year- we can easily achieve our target. look at the waste in Mumbai, it is a gold mine but un-used it is producing methane which is 12 times dangerous than CO2,We can use it off -quite proffitably but where is the corporate body to take up this new industry. Gilani, common man alone is incapable but if you have organization to back up the efforts, I acn offer many suggestions- commision from Re.1 onwards

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