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  • karmayog.org
    Mar 1, 2014
      Vivek Gilani <vgilani@...> wrote:

      The idea that no2co2 is keen on working is spawned from the 350.org film - 'Do The Math' which was released last year in June to mark the planet reaching 400 ppm CO2 concentration for the first time in planetary history. The 'Do the Math' tour essentially launched the first major global oil/fossil divestment campaign in light of the recently analysed statistics related to proven and owned oil reserves of the 5 largest oil companies in the world: Shell, Exxon, Chevron, Conoco Phillips, and BP. 

      The numbers so empatically and penetratively discussed in this documentary and the supporting documentation indicate that to restrict global warming to 2 degrees (the globally agreed target at COP-15 and hence as the benchmark since), global GHG emissions cannot exceed 565 gigatons CO2e. At the current rate, we will exhaust that limit by 2030 or so. But the truly startling number is the emissions that would result from burning of the PROVEN RESERVES of the world's fossil fuel industry: that would lead to emissions of 2795 gigatons CO2e.

      In other words, 5 times more emissions that can possibly be allowed according to the laws of atmospheric science are already explored and ready to go. Yet Exxon alone spends USD 100million/day exploring for more oil.

      These recent findings have cultimated into a global oil divestment camoaign being lauched starting with Churches and Universities in the USA. I was in Geneva 2 months ago and have established contact with 350.org to offer to launch a divestment campaign in India and begin screening this film widely to ensure the facts are accesible openly in public fora. Their Global Campaign Director has viewed our offer very favorably and would be keen to support us if we can devise a plan in India.

      It is about this vital subject that i seek to speak to you about to recieve input and mentorship as well as any other collaborative ideas that might emerge organically. no2co2's technical advisor and mentor is Prof. Amit Garg at IIMA (Professor of Carbon Finance and on the IPCC Panels as India's representative) - we have worked together to develop GreenEx with BSE in 2012. 


      Vivek Gilani

      The Informed Voter Project

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