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    Jan 31, 2014
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      Dear Sir/Madam,

      It is great pleasure to share about our project Jaanta Education for everyone, where you can support needy children education by donating your just one months old (raddi) newspapers.

      Jaanta - Education for everyone
      It is a Jaanta Foundation (not just another NGO) innovative initiative to educationally adopt underprivileged children and sending them to school and supporting their all basic educational needs and making earth clean & green. We have already begun taking steps towards our goal to educationally adopt, 400 needy children.

      How you can support
      We are appealing and inviting individuals, housing societies, educational institutes (schools, colleges) and corporates to support this cause by donating just one months old newspapers, books, notebooks, cartons, magazines, both side printed waste papers, plastic bottles, bags & old cloths etc.
      You can also circulate this mail to everyone in your circle & company and connect us with the key person your housing society, company, school, college, colony, area and locality that can help us to organize this drive.

      For more information of project and process please visit: www.jaanta.com
      write us on:childeducation@... call us on: +91 97029 38521

      To know more about Jaanta Foundation kindly visit: www.jaanta.com and join on: https://www.facebook.com/jaantafoundation

      With best GREEN regards,
      Santosh Lamkhade
      Management & IT Solution Head
      Unpaid Volunteer | Jaanta Foundation. |
      Email :jaantafoundation@...
      Direct No. +91-22-9821252911 Board No. : +91-22-9702938521

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