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93981CSR (2012-13) by Bosch India Ltd.

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  • Pearl - Karmayog
    Jan 31, 2014

    CSR by Bosch India Ltd.

    Sales: Rs 9742 Cr
    Profit before Tax: Rs 1346 Cr

    Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
    Source: Bosch India Ltd. Annual Report (2012), Pg No: 21 & Business Responsibility Report (2012-13), Pg No: 59 -72

    URL: www.bseindia.com/bseplus/AnnualReport/500530/5005301212.pdf


    Corporate Social Responsibility


    Taking the lead in community development

    Society is one of BoschÂ’s key stakeholders and many campaigns and projects have been driven with this

    thought. Projects at the Plants are driven primarily through vocational training, environment, health and

    hygiene as well as community development.

    Bosch Limited conducts several programs on a regular basis as part of CSR. At theBangalore Plant, the

    Children Healthcare Development Program screens around 2,000 children from 18 schools varying from the

    age of six to 16 for medical ailments. Internally too, the Plant often conducts health camps such as cardiac and

    orthopedic check-ups for associates and their family members. Around 1,200 people, including associates

    and family members, have benefitted from such health camps. An ambulance was also donated to the

    Department of Factories on National Safety Day in 2012 to provide emergency assistance for industrial

    accident cases in industrial layouts in Bangalore . This ambulance is specially used by the Employee State

    Insurance Department.

    The Nashik Plant conducts several projects such as the malnutrition diet program, dental hygiene camps for

    children, and blood donation camps for kids affected by thalassemia. Every year, a general health camp is

    conducted in villages with specialist doctors from Nashik participating in this camp. In 2012, around 387

    patients benefited from this program.

    Jaipur has often been in the news for poor water quality. Its citizens have suffered from unavailability of

    drinking water. Residents of Jaipur have also complained of high fluoride content in water, which can affect the

    teeth and bones. Bosch set up a Reverse Osmosis Plant in the Government Industrial Training Institute - now

    adopted by the Jaipur Plant - and another one at Goner village. The Reverse Osmosis Plant provides safe

    drinking water to around 820 families in and around the village, apart from 150 students, including staff at the

    Industrial Training Institute.

    Last year, the Naganathapura Plant also conducted a special program around Parappana Agrahara and

    Naganathapura villages. The idea was to plant as many saplings as possible so that they will grow into lush green

    trees. So associates at the Plant took the area by


    Chairman: Dr. A. Hieronimus

    Registered Office

    Bosch India Ltd.

    Hosur Road
    Bangalore - 560 030 

    Tel: 080-22992314 080-22992114

    Fax: 080-22992181

    Website: : www.boschindia.com

    Email: investor@...

    As verified on 31st January 2014.