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93972CSR (2012-13) by TVS Electronics Ltd.

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  • Pearl - Karmayog
    Jan 30, 2014
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      CSR by TVS Electronics Ltd.

      Sales: Rs 243 Cr

      Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
      Source: TVS Electronics Ltd.Annual Report (2012-13), Pg No 9 & Official Website

      URL: www.tvs-e.in/pdf/inv_fr/18th-annual-report-2012-2013.pdf & www.tvs-e.in/csractivity.php

      Corporate Social Responsibility


      The Company continues to be actively engaged in Corporate

      Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives for development of the

      society through partnerships particularly to improve the lesser

      privileged communities. The Company has identified the

      following areas around which the Team CSR operates:

      Health and hygiene:

      The Company continues to run Healthcare programs for

      school children including initiatives to provide support for the

      children ofGovernment Tribal Welfare School . Under the said

      Scheme, more than 5000 students have been covered.                 


      The Company continues to play a leading complementary

      role to the education system with counseling and motivation

      of students improvements in the existing educational system,

      etc. This initiative helps achieve cent percent success in public

      examinations for the target student population.





      Responsibility towards society and the environment has always been a strong force at the TVS-E Servicetec . This is manifested in the form of diverse community partnerships. From schools and hospitals to initiatives for drinking water and electrification, companies contribute actively to the development of the society in which their people live and work.


      Adopting villages for social uplift.

      Blood donation & Health care camps.

      Environmental awareness programs.

      Disaster support.

      Rural education programs.

      Mass awareness programs.



      Chairman: Gopal Srinivasan

      Registered Office

      TVS Electronics Ltd. 

      TVS Electronics Limited,

      South Phase - 7A,

      Second Floor, Industrial Estate,



      Tel: +91 44 4200 5200 , 9940950034

      Fax:  91 44 2225 7577

      Website: www.tvs-e.in

      Email: investorservices@...

      As verified on 31st January 2014.