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93968CSR (2012-13) by VIP Industries Ltd.

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  • Pearl - Karmayog
    Jan 29, 2014

      CSR by VIP Industries Ltd.

      Sales: Rs 877 Cr

      Profit before Tax: Rs 45 Cr

      Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
      Source: VIP Industries Ltd. Website

      URL: vipindustries.co.in/VIP/VipIndustries/Common/pdf/csr.pdf


      Corporate Social Responsibility



      VIP strongly believes in giving back to the society at large and hence Corporate Social Responsibility has

      always been a part ol VlP's culture. Be it reliel measures, public welfare, health care, support to the

      underprivileged, education, VIP has been very forthcoming.

      Following are lew ofthe ways in which the company has been demonstrating its commitment to social well»


      ° From past two consecutive years VIP Industries Ltd. has been one oi the Joint Sponsors lor the

      event NASHIK RUN. Nashik Run event was initiated three years back with a desire to serve the

      underprivileged in and around Nashlk and io spread the message ol healthy llle among the

      Nashikites. The lunds raised lrom this run are used lor various social service programmes and

      welfare ofthe underprivileged.

      Under this, VIP has been extending help to “Rust Irani Centre For Persons In Need" a school lor

      physically and mentally challenged children. Last year the company contributed Rs. 1.50 Lacs to this school

      tor the procurement ol physiotherapy equipments.

      - The company purchases ollice stationary prepared by physically and mentally handicapped

      persons engaged by Prabhodini Trust.

      - The company has been also working Ior the weltare ot blind. The housekeeping material

      requirement at the company is procured lrom an institution called ‘National Association For

      BIind'. In the past, the company had also employed lew blind persons in its manufacturing plants.

      ° Every year \/IP organizes blood donation camps ln collaboration with local blood banks ln which the

      company employees donate blood.

      » Our company employees have always extended whole hearted support ln the times ol national

      calamities like:

      - Tsunami Relief Fund

      - Gularat Earthquake Relief Fund

      - Earthquake Relief at Latur

      - Contribution to Kargil Heros

      » VIP in the past has contributed to the lund, which was raised lor the wellare and rehabilitation of

      disabled and deceased llre lighting personnel and their lamily members.

      » Few years back the Company had donated Pts. 1 Lac towards the construction ot a school building.

      This school is located ln Saipur area at Nasik where malorlty ol company workmen reside.


      Chairman: Dilip G Piramal

      Registered Office

      VIP Industries Ltd. 

      DGP House 88c,

      OldPrabhadevi Road ,

      Dadar (West)

      Mumbai 400025.

      Tel: 022 - 66539000

      Fax: 022 - 66539089

      Website: vipindustries.co.in/

      Email: investor-help@...

      As verified on 30th January 2014.