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93547RE: invited by AAm AADAMI PARTY to join social forum

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  • gcmbinty
    Jan 11, 2014
      Ref: Karamyog Digest Nr 6960 dated 11.01.2014, item Nr 2.

      AAP's initial performance and sincerity of the Kejriwal in Delhi appear positive and does inspire encouraging them. But as a citizen I would like to know the definition of Aam Admi, because:

      1.   Auto/taxi drivers who fleece the public day in and day out despite the best auto fares, are categorised the aam aadmi seeking doing away of police challans and other penalties for not following traffic rules;
      2.   Vegetable vendor on the street who sells to consumers in short weighs with complaints galore, is an aam admi seeking protection from AAP.
      3.   Retailers of goods and services charge VAT from consumers, without giving the benefit of 'set off' value under the VAT scheme, are the aam admi seeking variety of concessions from AAP.
      4.   Huge number of government employees, called the most corrupt, who made the Anna Hazare-Kejriwal-Kiran Bedi team to launch the initial Agitation Against Corruption, are the aam admi in Janta Darbar with complaints before Kejriwal.
      5.   Landlords in charging extremely exorbitantly rents from residential tenants, particularly in urbanised villages, raising the same every six months on one excuse or the other like water charges, electricity charges - biggest cause of inflation, making fellow citizens poor - and generally not giving any receipts nor paying the income tax, but are the aam admi before the AAP in Janta Darbar.
      6.   The youth in the age is an aam admi, but not when get the job of a professional who aim is to make exorbitant profits for the employer or the self.
      7.   Constituents of political parties are said to be the most corrupt when in government, but are the aam admi when out of service.

      WHO IS NOT the Aam Aadmi? Arvind Kejriwal - to define.
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