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93541CSR (2012-13) by UCAL Fuel Systems Ltd.

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  • Pearl - Karmayog
    Jan 10, 2014
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      CSR by UCAL Fuel Systems Ltd.

      Sales: Rs 661 Cr

      Profit before Tax: Rs 10 Cr

      Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
      Source: UCAL Fuel Systems Ltd. Annual Report (2012-13), Pg No: 25

      URL:  www.ucalfuel.com/downloads/ufsl-annual-report-2012-2013.pdf

      Corporate Social Responsibility


      Rural Development and education to the underprivileged continues to be main emphasis of the corporate social responsibility

      The company continues its work with the Culture and Heritage Trust of Karuveli and with the management of the Academy

      of Higher Education at Tiruchirapalli. The projects at Karuveli are moving at a slow pace. The company is in the process of

      selecting an agency that will help in the design and implementation of the projects especially those relating to establishment

      of self help groups for women. The company with the help of the local agencies is trying to introduce the farmers in the area

      to new types of plantations that will involve low cost and maintenance but yield good profits in short term like tree

      plantations etc.

      As regardsNational College , the company has helped the management complete the infrastructure projects in the college.

      The library block has been completed and will start functioning in the current year. The indoor and outdoor stadium are

      also in process of completion. The company continues to guide the management in the running of the institution. Apart

      from National College , the Academy of Higher Education runs a school called the Sesha Iyengar Memorial Higher Secondary

      School. This school too caters to the lowest strata of the society. After completion of the projects at National College the

      company intends to concentrate on strengthening the infrastructure at this school. The company is proposing to join hands

      with Academy of Higher Education to start a CBSE school at Tiruchirapalli with an emphasis on craft education and vocational

      training. As mentioned earlier the company’s corporate social responsibility efforts will be restricted to projects at Karuveli

      and those with the Academy of Higher Education , Tiruchirapalli only


      Chairman: Jayakar Krishnamurthy

      Registered Office

      UCAL Fuel Systems Ltd. 

      Raheja Towers, Delta Wing - Unit 705 177,

      Anna Salai, Chennai, 600 002

      Tamil Nadu.

      Tel: +91-44-42208100/ 28604795

      Fax: +91-44-28604788

      Website: www.ucalfuel.com


      As verified on 11th January 2014.