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92736Activists air dangers of cell towers

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  • Pearl - Karmayog
    Nov 25, 2013

      Source: articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2013-04-29/mumbai/38902796_1_mobile-tower-radiation-prakash-munshi-cellphone


      Activists air dangers of cell towers

      Times News Network

      Apr 29, 2013


      MUMBAI: Residents of Dadar and Matunga met on Sunday to discuss the ill-effects of mobile tower radiation. Drawing attention to the mobile tower antennae mushrooming in the area, activists made presentations for the residents at Mancherji Hall in Parsi Colony, Wadala.


      "Why do cellular operators put danger signs near their installations? Why does the department of telecommunication and ministry of communications and information technology publish ads telling people that if they have a choice, they should use a landline and not a cellphone," asked Prakash Munshi from Indians for Safe Environments.


      Dr Ashish Mehta, neurologist with Breach Candy and Saifee hospitals, made PowerPoint presentations explaining how electromagnetic radiation can affect body cells. "Continuous exposure is dangerous. Effects could range from genetic damage to malignancy," he said.


      Actor Juhi Chawla, who is also a part of Forum Against Cell Tower Radiations, said, "Though firms provide the specific absorption rate value of a cellphone, people continue to use them without understanding the health hazards they can pose. It is important that people are aware of the issue."