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92731The Radiation Threat- an expos��� on cell phones and cell towers

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  • Pearl - Karmayog
    Nov 25, 2013
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      The Radiation Threat


      The book under review is an exposé on the serious dangers of radiations and the threat they pose to human and  animal health and the environment.


      MV Kamath

      Aug 25, 2013 


      A warning to all readers before even picking up this book: prepare yourself to be shocked and frightened. You are going to read about radiation and what damage that it can do to those knowingly or unknowingly face it. Those who are endlessly attached to mobiles (yourself, your family members and friends), cell phones, laptops and such other modern paraphernalia are particularly warned.


      Especially warned are those living opposite high tension electric poles and telecon towers. You are facing danger you never even dreamt of. First a word about radiation. All matter – living or non-living, active or inert, is made up of electrons, neutrons and protons that are – constantly vibrating and interacting to create a complex and intelligent network of inter-connected energy. All matter radiates these energies which may be beneficial, neutral or harmful. We have, for example, solar radiation; then you have man-made devices that exude radiation and this is where Harsaran Bir Kaur Pandey cones in.

      As she points out, studies show that cell phone radiation is so effective that they even interfere with the navigation system of honey bee. Millions of bees are unable to find their way back to their hives and are dying. So much for bees. What about human beings?

      Long term use of cell phones reduces the sperm count and motility or speed of the sperm. Pregnant mothers and their foetuses are threatened by close, long span use of cell phones and laptops. Doctors are reporting an increasing number of male patients who cannot procreate.

      The author quotes a doctor at Artemis Hospital in Gurgaon, adjoining Delhi as saying that 50 to 60 per cent of his patients who were young people working in a Business Processing Out-sourcing (BPO) company could not conceive even after seven years of marriage. As she put it: “There are numerous studies that prove the increasing incidence of cancer as an outcome of living in the shadows of mobile towers”.

      Harsaran Bir Kaur Pandey quotes a Hindustan (September 4, 2012) report as saying that “a ten country study covering 5,000 people proved that people who were using the mobile phone daily for over 30 minutes for ten years had a greater chance of getting brain tumours”.

      A well-known scientist, speaking on the same subject is quoted as saying that those using mobile phones for the same period are liable to 60% increase in acoustic neuroma (damage to hearing) and a staggering 320% increase in damage to the eyes”. Small children and “in fact all those who use cell phones extensively are at risk”. Yet another scientist, Br Magda Havas is mentioned as warning that “using a mobile phone or a laptop when pregnant can seriously damage your baby”.

      India, incidentally, is the second largest market for cell phones, afterChina . Even leaving the “cell phone switched on in a pocket can cause damage…” Then there is this matter of transmissions from mobile towers. The author cites an instance of a 20-storey building in Mumbai (which is named) fronted by a 7-storey building just 20 metres away on top of which a mobile tower had been placed.

      Writes the author: “Three years after its establishment, six people living in that building on floors facing the tower had developed cancer”. The author quotes several case studies about the effect of radiation not only on human beings but on – of all things! – buildings as well.

      There is the case of a building in Bangalore’s IT Park in Electronic City spread over an area of more than 4 lakh sq ft, equipped with all modern amenities, but was lying unoccupied for a long time because many buyers felt that they did not feel too good when they entered it. A similar case is reported of a South Sea Mall in Kolkota where business was poor because of “negative energy” around it.

      If such is the case than what does one do? Give up on cell phones? Give up on laptops? What is frightening to think is that even areas with negative geo-energies on a highway can be responsible for frequent road accidents at that spot.

      For instance, it was found by a path-breaking study conducted by a Maharashtra Institute of the presence of ‘high-incident spots’ on the Mumbai-Pune Highway that reported about 80 road accidents every month! The scientists checked these spots for geopathic radiations using scientific tools and confirmed that there were indeed underground water veins in the high-frequency accident spots. The matter was rectified.

      It is claimed that there are remedies to such problems, both traditional and modern, like vaastu, not to speak of legal. For example there is an attempt being made to seek a ban on setting on high frequency mobile phone towers within 50 metres of residential premises, schools and hospitals.

      Harsaran Bir reports an innovation called Environics that can direct or filter negative radiation so that their damage to the body and machines is “dramatically reduced”. The author says: “Applications of these solutions have already benefitted hundreds of companies in improving productivity and reducing stress levels…with cutting edge technology swamping the planet, we, as a thinking species, will have to adapt”.

      It would seem that today Environics has over 3,000 feedbacks from various sectors that report lowered pulse rates and improved health of workers in institutions, offices, residences and oil refineries”. Anti-radiation Enviro Chips have been produced that change the nature of radiation from personal electronic communication devices.

      Understandably, cell phone companies rubbish the efficacy of these products and question the need for them. One can, of course, be sceptical about the Enviro Chips. One can damn the founders of Environics as people out to make money by frightening men and women.

      But my suggestion is that all those who spend hours with cell phones, laptops, etc – and even go to the extent of providing them to their children – will do well to read this book dispassionately and come to their own conclusions. Only a very foolish person will ignore Harsaran Bir Kaur Pandey’s findings.