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88752Re: Ajit Pawar: 'If no water in dam, do we urinate in it?'

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  • MD Kini
    Apr 11, 2013
      Dear Vinay,

      Arrogance of power.

      The reports, “ Agitating farmer pisses Pawar off “ & “Statement blackened face of democracy : Farmer” (DNA, 8/4) show the arrogance of power of the deputy chief minister of the ruling coalition. The minister has demeaned not merely the farmers of the state, but democratic traditions of the state. Instead of offering apologies to the citizens of the state for mismanaging the water situation in the state when he was in charge of irrigation department, he has the audacity to insult the farmers with his deplorable remarks. Only his resignation or his removal would redeem the honour of Maharashtra.

      It is criminal that the water from Ujni Dam which provides water to farmers in the vicinity is being diverted to Shina Mhada Bogda, another taluka, which is 21 kilometres away for the use of sugar mills and distilleries of MLAs. Bhaiyya Deshmukh, the farmer who is on a hunger strike, should be congratulated for bringing this to the notice of the citizens of the city and state. It is sad that situation has not changed even after the Chief Minister directed the Pune district commissioner fifteen days ago to release some water to Ujni dam.

      The fact that the present coalition government has spent Rs.70,000 crore on irrigation projects without adding even one percent of water for the farmers is an indictment of the present regime. And this has happened when Agit Pawar was the irrigation minister.

      One wonders whether we are living in a democracy or autocracy in the name of the people. It is indeed true that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.


      With good wishes,

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