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87854Avbl.: Organic , Chemical Free Jaggery at reaasonable rates

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  • karmayog.org
    Feb 14, 2013
      From: "Priya Salvi" <priya.salvi32@...>

      Dear Friends

      Most of the jaggery available in the market is produced using
      sugarcane qrown using pesticides and further during processing other
      chemicals including bleach are used.

      I am pleased to inform that we are making available, chemical free
      jaggery produced in Latur from organically grown sugarcane, at a
      reasonable rate of Rs. 70 per kg. Discounts available for bulk

      Please support the organic movement by buying your annual requirement
      of jaggery at the Farmers Market, Maharashtra Nature Park, Mahim on
      Sunday 17 Feb, 10 am to 3pm

      Any further information required please contact me
      Priya Salvi,