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87080India can be Different, If we are Not Indifferent

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  • Sudhir Gandotra
    Dec 29, 2012
      What is the difference between a rapist and a killer ?
      None, both violate/exploit their victim.

      What is the difference between a rapist and a terrorist ?
      None, both exploit/violate their victim.

      What is the difference between a rapist and a corrupt one ?
      None, both exploit/violate their victim.

      What is the difference between a rapist and a con-man ?
      None, both exploit/violate their victim.

      where does that take us ?
      What kind of world are we building for ourselves while being busy only earning (mostly failing) money ?

      India can be Different, If we are Not Indifferent.

      The rapist were created by the indifferent education system (Its our social-cultural-politicalfailure);

      The police that mostly fails is a product of our failed social-cultural-political system - our own failure;

      The illegal buses (also autos and other vehicles) running on Delhi roads, mostly owned by mafia that is hands-in-gloves with the powerful ones - is a result of our being indifferent, while they keep exploiting (raping) the Nation and we remain busy earning (mostly failing) money ?

      What about the 260 elected representatives in different parts of the country who have rape cases against them ?

      If we remain indifferent, many more daughters, sisters and even brothers and sons will keep meeting the same unfortunate-cruel situation.

      It is a wake-up call to re-start the unfinished work of Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh and Bose ?
      The bleeding India awaits its responsible children to take care of it and
      rebuild it in such a way that there is no Violence and No Discrimination against anyone under any circumstances.

      More than ever, today, resources are not an issues (all propaganda by rulers is for the selfish ends of their own partners).
      The issue is LACK OF INTENTION.

      All those who feel responsible, All those who care for their Country, for the World - its a call to them to Arise, Wake-up and take responsible charge to heal the Nation.
      Peace in the heart, light in the understanding...
      With an affectionate Hug,
      Sudhir Gandotra
      "Working for a Violence-free World"
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