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67211Re: How to improve Section 498A (cruelty in marriage)?

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  • j_nc2000
    Dec 1, 2010
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      Even though India got independence more than sixty three years ago but Indians are not free even today as they are being ruled by them , even though their skin is Indian. According to them, every Indian is a culprit if not proved otherwise. This practice is still existing today which must change in an Indian democracy. Democracy demands gender neutral law to protect the interest of every citizen.
      Section 498Aof IPC was introduced to protect married Indian woman from cruelty. However, this law is being used by some section of unscrupulous people to extort large amounts of money from innocent families. It has become another method of earning to get- rich- quick. Similarly, section 498B should be there to protect Indian man from cruelty, then law will be gender neutral.,
      Misuse of this (498A) law has not only increased the no of innocent people arrested for no fault of theirs but also increased the load of heavy burdoned judiciary. In addition, income and number of corrupt police officials have also increased manifold due to the misuse of this law.
      Hence, misuse of 498A should be reduced to minimum. To mitigate the sufferings of lakhs of Indian citizens who have been unceremoniously exposed to the whims and fancies of corrupt, immoral section of the society including police officials, section 498A should be suitably amended to make it heavily punishable for whosoever misuses it including corrupt police personnel.
      I request the authorities to consider these suggestions for implementation. An early reply will be highly appreciated.
      Dr N C Jain
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