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51126Re: Reasons for low voting turnout

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  • Sunil
    May 2, 2009
      Ha ! This time the causes are not many and the causes have no political overtures. Mumbaites are always craving for holiday and Election Commission situated at Delhi has overlooked the opportunity in 1st May holiday being followed by Saturday and Sunday. Four days of holidaying in this recession wherein employees are compelled to do overtime, denied holidays and have no words before management.

      Sanjay Nirupam and similar Northern candidates will have a tough time and a sure defeat. Their vote bank i.e. North Indians are all out of Mumbai in their villages. Native candidates shall have an upperhand.

      Let's accept the fact that we can never have a perfect voting as in 100% voting. At best, 65% would be an achievement and a record breaker. Not that voter have apathy to present election process, the fact is that there is a segment of citizens who give a damn to election and India's fate. These people do not participate at any forum - may it be their cooperative housing society, local area welfare association, municipal election, state election or parliamentary election. This segment (about 30% size) shall forever remain dormant and these are not the target audience for Neo Political attempts.

      best regards
      Sunil S. Rathi
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