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4446Jul 29: SNDT / CESR: RELEASE OF SAMYUKTA on Women and Development

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  • Karmayog.com
    Jul 1, 2005

      SNDT Women’s University

      Department of Economics, Post Graduate Studies and Research

      in collaboration with 

      Centre for Studies in Ethics and Rights (CSER), Mumbai and

      Centre for women’s Studies, Kerala University

      Cordially invites you for


      SAMYUKTA’s Special Number on Women and Development

      Published by Women’s Initiative, Thiruvananthpuram

      by Dr. Akla Karande Deputy Commissioner, Education, BMC, Mumbai


      Felicitation of Dr. Shirin Kudchedkar

      (Retd. Head, P.G. Deaprtment of English, SNDT women’s University, Mumbai)

      on 29th July 2005 from 2 p.m to 5 p.m.

      at Committee Room, Churchgate Campus, Mumbai


      Prof. Vibhuti Patel       Dr. Veena Devsthali and Dr. Manisha Karne          Neha Madhiwala

      HOD                                               Coordinators                                           Fellow, CSER

      Mobile numbers: 9321040048, 9820924812, 9821457635, 9892220160





      Presidential address:

      Prof. Rupa Shah, Hon. Vice Chancellor, SNDT Women’s University, Mumbai


      Samyukta & Women’s Initiative:

      Dr. G.S. Jayasree, Dr. Jayasree Nair, Dr. Hema Nair, Dr. R. K. Jayasree


      Felicitation of Dr. Shirin Kudchetkar

      by Kerala University and SNDT Women’s University

      Release of Book Samyukta

      by Dr. Alka Karande, Deputy Commissioner, Education, BMC, Mumbai


      Contributors' Speeches:


      Dr. Dolly Sunny, Department of Economics, University of Mumbai

      Ad. Kamayani Mahabal, Centre for Enquiry Into Health and Allied Themes, Mumbai

      Dr. Meena Gopal, Research Centre for Women’s Studies, SNDT Women’s University, Mumbai

      Ms. Neha Madhiwala, Sahayog, Mumbai

      Dr. Sangeeta Kamdar, Department of Economics, University of Mumbai

      Dr. Vibhuti Patel, Department of Economics, SNDT Women’s University, Mumbai