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37486Re: Support a Social Worker

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  • karmayog.org
    May 2, 2008
      I agree. Vinay
      Intellectual talk apart, the reality exists against such wishy wish and 'should be' situations. May be now on, such desired social service system would come in vogue. However, there are those who genuinely have sacrificed giving up promising careers in service of the deprived section of the society and now at the fag end of their energetic existence, they are left unattended. Let us talk about them and do our bit to find a support system for genuineky needy.
      I agree with Kush that any system should be sustainable and that is why we come across the paid volunteerism and professionals in development sector who earn reasonably well.
      Also some manage funds for projects from donor agencies from home and abroad. And they manage quite well despite a general notion that they take foreign money and lead a good lifestyle.
      I therefore feel that let us be open to a mixed system rather being sticky about sustainable ideal system.
      Surekha Sule
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