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    Apr 30, 2008
      We have created a new section titled "Support a Social Worker" at www.karmayog.org/supportsw/

      This section contains details of persons who have dedicated their lives to social service for their people and country. If you can support these individuals, who are often from economically underprivileged backgrounds, this would help them unleash their potential to render service on a wider scale.
      The list has been drawn up by Shri P.K. Siddharth, Inspector General of Police, CVO, HEC, Ranchi, Principal Advisor, Bharat Shodh, and National Advisor, Bharat Shodh Educational Alliance

      See Introduction to Bharat Shodh and list of 22 Social workers at www.karmayog.org/supportsw/supportsw_14737.htm
      See a brief CV of each of the 22 persons at www.karmayog.org/supportsw/

      To know more about Bharat Shodh, see www.bharatshodh.org

      For more information, contact:

      P.K. Siddharth
      Inspector General of Police, CVO, HEC, Ranchi
      Principal Advisor, Bharat Shodh,
      National Advisor, Bharat Shodh Educational Alliance

      F5, Sector III, HEC Colony,
      Phone 0651 - 2401452
      Mobile: 09431701661


      www.karmayog.org -- linking people for common good

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