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2review of website: www.cere-india.org

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  • Findstone
    Jul 4, 2004
      We may review websites from time to time and give our opinions so that others who have websites can benefit from our thoughts. If some statements are offending, we apologize.
      Review of www.cere-india.org  - the website of Centre for Environmental Research and Education
      1. Projects: The projects are very noble and lofty. But it is not clear how and why a small org like this is doing them i.e. the project size and the org size don't seem to match e.g. MRC of Rs. 5 cr - but where is the funding, team, support for it? The project pages need some sub-headings, e.g. Reason, Objectives, Status, to make them more readable. Each project could also state Primary Aim and Secondary Aims e.g. Reader Series Project. The overall umbrella of reasons and objectives are understable. But it is too much effort to really figure out the core goal. The page is suitable as an announcement page but not suitable if one is looking for help from sponsors, donors, or volunteers. In each project, if one could add the current status and what sort of help is being sought, it would be useful. Also a date on the page and a timeline of the project would be useful. Some more pages e.g. about which govt agencies or corporates are in support, etc. could get others to help.
      2. The Camps are lovely. It is indeed a pity that only 2 schools have taken advantage of it. The site also hides the Camps under Events.
      3. The order in Events should be latest on top.
      4. Prices of books and quantity discounts could be stated.
      5. All papers and particularly all articles should be uploaded on the site or linked to the copyright owner.
      6. For the Play - Hope of the Earth, maybe you could find and include audio links to the songs you refer to.
      7. separate email id's for each person in http://www.cere-india.org/CERETeam.htm may elicit more specific emails.
      Also maybe if you add what each trustee is looking after or specifically interested in - it may be useful.
      8. Contact Us page - it is not clear why there are 3 email id's in http://www.cere-india.org/CEREContact.asp ? to which should one send what email? Names of people and what they look after could be also stated to make it easier for callers and whoever picks up the phone. Best times to call could be given. You could try to get a care-of Fax also.
      9. A mouse-over dropdown on the links that appear at the bottom of each page can save some double clicking. But a Site Map could be added. People like me like to navigate via a Site Map.
      10. The entire site is in frames. This makes it difficult to bookmark a page or email a link or page to anyone. We suggest changing to a non-frame site particularly because the site is a relatively simple site.
      11. All URLs should be in lowercase only. That is an internet standard.
      12. The site could have the following pages - Help Us, Finances, Donation form or page, Testimonials, Awards received, Online News/Viewsletter, Links to international sites in the same areas of activity, and of course to www.karmayog.com :-)
      Summary: The links at the bottom of the page and the home page itself do not do justice to the depth of the site and the org. Data on the site does not do justice to the great things that have been done and are being done by the org.
      We look forward to feedback about this review and the usefulness of such reviews.