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1introducing karmayog.com

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  • Vinay Somani
    Jun 25, 2004
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      www.karmayog.com  is a new free site to enable individuals and corporates to give their time, talent, money and resources by volunteering, mentoring, giving materials, providing services (free or at reduced costs) to Mumbai-based NGOs, nonprofits, charities, etc.
      As a Volunteer, Mentor, Donor, or Sponsor, please
      - list yourself i.e. the availability of your time, talent, materials, services.
        (even 1 hour / week on the net or phone would make a big impact)
      - participate in / moderate discussion groups of your interest
      As a nonprofit, NGO, charity, etc., please
      - list your profile
      - list opportunities for volunteers, mentors, materials, services, jobs, sponsors, donors.
      - publicise an upcoming event, past event, etc.
      - participate in, begin or moderate discussion groups of your interest.
      Please see the Help Us link on our home page.
      Would you be interested in joining a group that can meet 4-6 pm Saturdays to promote volunteering / mentoring?
      Vinay Somani

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