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Comments on: "Telanganaki Tirmanam" appeared in Andhra Jyothi, 27/8/20 for publication13

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  • jeevananda reddy
    Namaskar, The following are my comments on  Telanganaki Tirmanam” appeared in Andhra Jyothi of 27/8/2013 for publication in Andhra Jyothi.   Poor quality
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 27, 2013

      The following are my comments on  "Telanganaki Tirmanam” appeared in Andhra Jyothi of 27/8/2013 for publication in Andhra Jyothi.
      Poor quality Analysis:

      I wonder how the editor has cleared publication of such “poor quality analysis” on people’s desire or otherwise on division of Andhra Pradesh and forming Telangana state with Hyderabad capital. Why I said poor quality analysis is as follows:
      1.         The survey was limited to the so-called Telangana districts [why I said so called is, Hyderabad never was a Telangana district as it is cosmopolitan city with Urdu as official language prior to Hyderabad state formation and Telangana is referred to Telugu speaking area of Hyderabad state as to differentiate from Marathi & Kannada speaking zones of Hyderabad state];

      2.         Though the survey was conducted with 11,34,917 people but the results were analyzed for 3,88,359 people – 34% of the surveyed people only;

      3.         Off the 8.5 crore population of Andhra Pradesh, 3.5 crore live in 9 Telangana districts plus Hyderabad and of which around one crore is from Seemandhra & local Hyderabad is of cosmopolitan city – Telangana population in the 9 Telangana districts and Hyderabad district is 29% of the Andhra Pradesh State and 71% of the 10 districts total population;

      4.         The survey results those supporting Telangana state with Hyderabad as capital only reflected the population share of Telangana population in 10 districts only. The population supporting united Andhra Pradesh + Hyderabad as UT + 10 years joint Capital = 26.41% follow the non-Telangana population in 10 districts;

      5.         These results clearly demonstrate that the population living in Hyderabad is against Hyderabad as capital city for new Telangana state;
      6.         The same was seen from the 2009 general elections and Municipal elections.  The people went to poles on the plank that we wanted united Andhra Pradesh and if in case it is divided then Hyderabad must be made a separate state like what is now in Delhi – this point was not included in the survey --; 

      7.         So, the survey as well past election results clearly indicate that people of Hyderabad doesn’t want to go with Telangana state but not what was reported in Andhra Jyothi.
      Appreciate publishing this not in Andhra Jyothi.
      Dr. S. Jeevananda Reddy
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