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Fwd: [karmayog] Please board our train to a cleaner India

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  • Thiagarajan Arunachalam
    From: *karmayog - tanya* Date: Monday, August 26, 2013 Subject: [karmayog] Please board our train to a cleaner India To: karmayog@yahoogroups.com ** From:
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      From: karmayog - tanya
      Date: Monday, August 26, 2013
      Subject: [karmayog] Please board our train to a cleaner India
      To: karmayog@yahoogroups.com

      From: shammyjacob@...

      Earlier this year I founded the Saaf India Foundation with a dedicated team
      of Indian creative leaders. 'Saaf' means clean in most Indian languages.
      Saaf India is a non-profit foundation, registered with the Amsterdam Chamber
      of Commerce, and operating in India.

      Our dream is to restore India's beauty, with public spaces and landscapes
      free from waste, using a new and innovative approach. The amount of waste in
      India will grow by 500% by 2030. The challenge is urgent and complex, and
      needs creative problem-solving. Saaf India develops innovative, affordable
      and sustainable solutions for waste management, inspires and educate
      citizens to care for India's natural environment. Our approach is unique to
      India. We co-create together with the world's and India's best experts from
      various disciplines. And we use a creative process called 'design-thinking',
      which is very human-centered and experiential.

      We started with the Indian Railways as a first project, and as a platform
      for inspiration and innovation. We all have fond memories of childhood
      holidays by train, cutting through beautiful landscapes, sharing stories and
      eating delicious food with our families and friends. Nowadays, the Indian
      Railways transport more than 7 billion passengers across India every year.
      Passengers have the opportunity to purchase food and beverages every 90
      seconds during those journeys. Unfortunately all packaging and food waste is
      thrown out of the trains by both passengers and staff, due to a lack of
      understanding, culture and facilities. The waste ends up everywhere, in
      rural communities, urban spaces and India's beautiful forests and rivers. It
      should instead be collected and recycled in a sustainable way, without
      negative impact on the environment, health and the economy.

      Our first 'prototypes' are ready for new experiments in trains and stations.
      We now need your support. We've accomplished a lot since we started, thanks
      to our team of experts, partners and advisors, who like ourselves have
      worked with us on a pro-bono basis. My co-founder Dinesh and I have
      completed over 15000 kms of research trips by train, sensing and
      understanding behavior and infrastructure. We have managed to set up
      collaborations with key stakeholders within the Indian Railways and engage
      leading experts in relevant fields. Together we have already developed the
      first series of concepts and prototypes (for consumer inspiration, waste
      collection). These now need to be extensively tested, measured and improved
      in a series of pilots in both trains and stations. Once we have created
      proven concepts that work at scale across India, we will be able to attract
      serious funding from e.g. foundations and corporate partners, and bring the
      solutions to life. To get to this breakthrough point, I would kindly like to
      ask for your support. You could help accelerate our work with a donation,
      which will be used directly and only for solution development in our next
      project to improve overall cleanliness and waste management at the Jaipur
      Railway station and a few pilot trains . Your support is very meaningful to
      our team.

      How to make donations and help solve one of India's biggest challenges?
      Please find below our bank account details. We welcome smaller and larger
      donations. If you are donating through your company, please add your name in
      the comments section of your online banking screen so we can personally
      thank you. Thank you in advance for your support. We will share our work and
      results throughout the next phases of work. Attached you will find a brief
      overview of our next projects, activities and funding requirements, as well
      as a summary presentation about Saaf India. We appreciate if you share this
      letter with your friends, families and colleagues who care about innovation
      and India's future. Should you have any questions, or need help in making
      the donation, please let me know.

      Kind regards,

      Shammy Jacob
      Founder and Managing Director
      Mobile: +31638514821
      Email: shammyjacob@...

      Stichting Saaf India. Warmondstraat 189-III. 1058 KX. Amsterdam. The
      Bank Account. Account number: 452038413. IBAN: NL59ABNA0452038413. BIC:
      ABNANL2A. ABN AMRO Bank. Gustav Mahlerlaan 10. 1082 PP. Amsterdam. The

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