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Re: Panchayat poll verdict

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  • rsubhash@rocketmail.com
    Rao garu, Please refer to the several articles I posted on karmayog on this subject. I have done extensive research and then published my articles with
    Message 1 of 4 , Jul 30, 2013
      Rao garu,

      Please refer to the several articles I posted on karmayog on this subject.  I have done extensive research and then published my articles with references.

      For several decades, the telugu film industry ridiculed and insulted Telangana Telugu and accents.  The educated, many of my own friends from AndhraSeema, also resorted to the same arrogant and reckless manner.

      As regards to the standard of Telugu culture and language portrayed in our film industry, I don't need to say further.  You can hundreds of movies that have degraded Telugu culture and language.

      The politicians and businessmen/industrialists have looted many public lands and other assets through questionable and unethical ways (not through fair purchasing) and displayed arrogance to the point we have arrived today.

      It is not the people of Telangana who are responsible for today's situation.  This became an inevitable result.

      At least now, it is time to realize the past mistakes and not repeat the same mistakes.

      Subhash C Reddy, Ph.D.

      --- In karmayog-hyd@yahoogroups.com, Mvs Rao wrote:
      > Dear Sir,
      > Sub:Denouncing Andhra in a most undignified hateful way!
      > Following comments by Mr. Subhash Chandra speak of his blind hatred and
      > crude ignorance about coastal Andhra.
      > `The History of Andhras is a trumped up imagination and the love for Telugu
      > Language is just for bragging, and their arguments for "united" Andhra
      > State is a show of arrogance (like the English demanding united
      > British India). The Evil Empire of Andhra Pradesh was nothing but a forced
      > annexation of Telangana by the cunning and scheming Politicians-Industrialists
      > Nexus of Seemandhra under the pretext of uniting all people who speak
      > Telugu. The arrogance they showed is evident in the very name they gave to
      > the new State "Andhra" - No Seema and No Telangana. Neither Seema People
      > Nor Telangana People speak the same Telugu language nor they share the same
      > culture with Andhra.'
      > Mr. Subhash Chandra, please try to understand that I am not writing this in
      > support or against division of `Andhra Pradesh but only to clarify to you
      > the History. Please learn, Telugu speaking area, in south India, was known
      > as Andhra. It is not an imaginary creation, but a historical truth!. (You
      > also can read about Andhra History)
      > `Andhra' in Indian epic literature, was a kingdom mentioned in the
      > Mahabharata. It was a southern kingdom.
      > Around the Mauryan rule in India, there is historical evidence of Andhra as
      > a political power in the southeastern Deccan. Megasthenes, a Greek
      > traveler, who visited the Court of Chandragupta Maurya (322-297 BC),
      > mentioned that Andhras had 30 fortified towns and an army of a million
      > infantry, 2000 cavalry and 1000 elephants. Buddhist books reveal that
      > Andhras established their kingdoms in the Godavari Valley at that time.
      > Emperor Asoka referred in his rock
      > edict (232 BC) that Andhra was under his rule. Andhra was an ancient word
      > of Telugu speaking region of India. After the fall of Mauryan empire
      > Satavahana rulers of Andhra were the most powerful kingdom occupying major
      > part of India and ruled from 2nd Century BC to 3 rd century Ad.
      > Mr. Subhash, please understand Seema is Rayala Seema, part of Andhra of
      > Vijaynagar empire, their capitol was Hampi, close to Ananthapur. Penukonda
      > was Krishnadevaraya's second capitol. That region was known as Rayala
      > Seema, after Krishna Devaraya. Telugu literare was much encouraged during
      > their rule. Vijaynagar empire existed from during 13 to 15th century. Also
      > the region was also used to be called as Ceded districts when this was
      > ceded by to Nizam ruler to British East India company, In 1800 AD, after
      > two years earlier he handed over part coastal Andhra which was also came to
      > be known as Circars districts after British East India company Sarkar.
      > (Sarkar meaning authority). The name Telengana came into use during the
      > rule of Delhi Sultan Allauddeen Khilji, for land of Telugus. (Allaudden
      > defeated and killed King Pratapa Rudra, last Kakatiya ruler in 1310 AD, and
      > taken Kakitiya ruled Andhra region under his rule.) The coastal districts
      > were very much part of Kakatiya kingdom. Kakateeya rulers were part of
      > Andhra History.
      > Subhas garu please do not ridicule the word Andhra as if that is a fancy
      > name to coastal districts only. Whether you agree or not entire Telugu
      > speaking land was historically known as Andhra kingdom. Please do not
      > ridicule a race, of which you are also part, if you are a Telugu speaking
      > person by birth!.
      > Please also understand, as an educated person, different regional dialects
      > exist as local usage but the root language is Telugu!. Every language in
      > India has different dialects in different regions.
      > The present Telugu culture in entire Andhra Pradesh was developed during
      > Kakatiya Kingdom.
      > I am again repeating I am not putting this blog, as an argument for or
      > against division of Andhra Pradesh. I was hurt at your crude and ignorant
      > way denouncing the word `Andhra' without knowing, it seemed, about the
      > origin of that name.
      > Yours Sincerely,
      > M.V.S.
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