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Cutting forests to erect YSR memorial?

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  • Thiagarajan Arunachalam
    Cutting forests to erect YSR memorial? G Arun Kumar, TNN 9 September 2009, 05:47am IST
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      Cutting forests to erect YSR memorial?
      G Arun Kumar, TNN 9 September 2009, 05:47am IST


      HYDERABAD: The AP government’s hasty decision to construct a memorial
      for YSR at the chopper crash site in Nallamala forests has wildlife
      enthusiasts and environmentalists fuming as it’s a reserve forest and
      also tiger country.

      “The thought of a memorial in the middle of a tiger reserve is
      absurd,” said forester Sarvottam Rao. It was on Monday that tourism
      minister J Geetha Reddy announced that the crash site at
      Pavurallagutta would be developed into a major tourist spot.

      Spread across 9,500 sq km, the Nallamala forest is home to thousands
      of endangered animals and birds, and any habitat disturbance will
      result in “loss of animal corridor”. While the Srisailam tiger reserve
      has an area of 3,540 sq km, the mishap site falls under
      Gundlabrahmeshwaram wildlife sanctuary — a restricted area southwest
      of the tiger reserve.

      Since the mishap site is close to Byrluti range in Chintagundam in
      Atmakur division — a core area in the Nallamala forests — any
      construction, including roads, is banned as per the 1972 Wildlife Act.
      “No one has a right to tamper with the Forest Act to build a memorial
      for YSR or anybody. The law is clear on this,” environmentalist Siraj
      Taher fumed.
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