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Andhra Migrants Never Became Part Of Hyderabad Culture

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  • bhas_kurapati
    Source: http://m.greatandhra.com/mviewnews.php?id=48012&cat=15&scat=20 Hyderabad: Migrants from different parts of India and even other countries became part
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 16, 2013
      Source: http://m.greatandhra.com/mviewnews.php?id=48012&cat=15&scat=20

      Hyderabad: Migrants from different parts of India and even other countries became part of Hyderabad's composite culture but the people who came from Andhra region never accepted the local culture, a senior educationist said Tuesday.

      Stating that the Telangana issue has cultural dimension, G. Haragopal, a National Fellow at Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), said migrants from Andhra came to Hyderabad with a sense of arrogance and cultural superiority.

      Andhra migrants never accepted Telugu spoken in Telangana which has an Urdu mix, contended Haragopal, a former professor of political science at the University of Hyderabad, at a workshop here.

      He told IANS on the sidelines of the workshop that the migrants insulted the local culture by making villains and comedians in their movies speak Telugu with Telangana accent.

      Haragopal said this was in total contrast to the migrants from other parts of the country becoming part of the composite culture.

      "They never felt like outsiders in Hyderabad. University of Hyderabad is the best example of this composite culture. We have people from 44 different cultures," he added.

      The two-day workshop on "Hyderabad to Cyberabad" which began Tuesday is jointly organised by the British Deputy High Commission and TISS.

      Haragopal, who is also a prominent civil liberties leader, described Hyderabad as a politically controversial city.

      "Today, Delhi rulers are not discussing anything except Hyderabad city and its future. The status of Hyderabad became contesting point because of controversies, largely cultural but mainly political and economic," he said.

      He pointed out that 16 families from Andhra own one lakh acres of land in Hyderabad and they feel their capital is very safe.

      Haragopal said after the 1969 movement for separate Telangana state, the investors from Andhra had left Hyderabad.

      "They went back to Madras (now Chennai) but since they already had a fight for Madras, they were not allowed to invest in industry. The only channel open for their capital was films," he said.

      Telugu film industry started making more films than even Hindi films and from the same industry N. T. Rama Rao became the state's chief minister, he said. "This was something unthinkable during Telangana movement. This explains how the society and the political economy works," he added.

      Arjun Appadurai, Goddard Professor of Media, Culture and Communication at New York University, Tata Chair Professor at TISS delivered inaugural address. Andrew Mc Allister, British Deputy High Commissioner, Hyderabad and Lakshmi Lingam, Deputy Director, TISS, also spoke.

      Some participants raised the issue of Telangana and voiced their views. One of the participants C. Venkatesh underlined the need to keep Andhra Pradesh united in the larger interest of the country.

      Another participant expressed his concerned about the future recent migrants to the city in the event of state's division.
    • Mvs Rao
      Dear Sir, Humiliating commenting on people of a particular region. The blog on æAndhra MigrantsÆ by Bhas_Kurapati, is immature gibberish and the author looks
      Message 2 of 3 , Jul 17, 2013


        Dear Sir,

        Humiliating commenting on people of a particular region.

        The blog on ‘Andhra Migrants’ by Bhas_Kurapati, is immature gibberish and the author looks confused what he wanted to really convey!. His praising, one prof Hargopal, is more amusing, as if he is a national or International authority on Migrants!. Hyderabad being a largest city in Andhra Pradesh, people of all the three regions tries to settle in that city for jobs or business investments, but 90% are for jobs only. Using the word migration doesn’t apply for state residents. But people from Andhra Pradesh migrated to all cities in India. People of Telengana region migrated to Mumbai, Pune, and some other cities of Maharashtra. Chennai had almost 40% of Telugu population as it was capital of composite state. The city is to be called as Chennapatnam since the British rule. Telugu Film industry flourished in that city and when it was composite Madras presidency. It continued till the industry gradually shifted to Hyderabad. Even now the local bullion and textile business is controlled by Telugu Vaisya community, as they were original residents of Chennai.( Chetties)

        Terming and generalizing that all Andhra migrants as Arrogant is an insult for people of coastal Andhra and Rayala seema. Some may be ambitious and enterprising and successful to take leadership in  Industry, in Real Estate, Construction field, Film industry, Educational institutes, Textile trading etc.,. In a competive world, in Indian cities, including Hyderabad, it is open to all enterprising people of all the states with equal opportunities, to establish and flourish. It is important to understand nobody can succeed by arrogance in any field, only hard work, good business acumen and fore-sight is more essential. Three major international Airports Viz Hyderabad, Delhi and Mumbai were constructed by entrepreneurs from Andhra Pradesh. Major Electrical generating plants and construction Industry all over India are controlled enterprising persons from Andhra Pradesh than from the other three south Indian states. Bangalore real estate is under majority entrepreneurs from Andhra Pradesh. Important national prestigious road works all over India as well Afghanistan, are under taken by construction firms from Andhra Pradesh.

        In United States and other Western countries also, people from Andhra Pradesh, are migrating in thousands. It was statistically found in US, among the Indians, every fourth person is from Andhra Pradesh. It is not an exaggeration to say more Telugu Millineries may be in US than in Andhra Pradesh!.  Now enterprising persons from Andhra are going or migrating in big way to African countries acquiring on lease lakhs of acres of land to develop agriculture.      

        If people from Andhra Pradesh were succeeding as migrants in other states and countries taking over of Hyderabad is no wonder if taken over by Telugus. Before 1948, Nawab of Nizam used to encourage mainly business persons from Gujarat, and northern India, who controlled most business both retail and wholesale trading. That picture has gradually changed with enterprising persons taking over from other districts of Andhra Pradesh more so from Coastal and Rayala Seema regions. People of Andhra Pradesh, of various other regions, if they settle for jobs, business, setting Industries, in Hyderabad, have a right to stay and continue, to do so. To comment badly on Telugu enterprising people of Hyderabad by persons of other states is very demeaning, distressing and humiliating. In intellectual comments generalizing a particular region people with negative approach is most unfortunate. Expressing questionable untrue statistics on land holding in Hyderabad by few persons is in bad taste. It can only create hatred and envy among many. It is also wrong to say all the people of all the districts of Telengana region speak the particular Hyderabadi type spoken Telugu. As a matter of fact the spoken Telugu by common people in Warangal and adjoining districts is very pure and better than any other districts of entire Andhra Pradesh. It is important to remember Hyderabad state existed without coastal districts was only from 1800 to 1956, prior to that all were part of Hyderabad state, with common roots .They cannot all be termed as arrogant people. Please restrain commenting in biased ways by quoting half-knowledged persons with limited exposure. A doctorate in Literature cannot be quoted as an authority, as a Doctorate in Science.

         It is a poor rhetoric to say particular way of speaking only as Hyderabadi culture!. It is a misnomer that persons from coastal Andhra have not become part of Hyderabadi culture!. The Nawabi culture is replaced by more educated and intellectual culture, which the city is now reverberating and vibrating by the elite. Present genraration of youngsters, from all the regions, behave speak and live same standard at different levels of the society.  

        Yours Sincerely,


      • bhas_kurapati
        Hi All, I just want to clarify that I am not the author of this article. It is written by a Andhra reporter in a pro-Andhra web portal. Regards, BK
        Message 3 of 3 , Jul 18, 2013
          Hi All,

          I just want to clarify that I am not the author of this article. It is written by a Andhra reporter in a pro-Andhra web portal.

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