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Invite to the Press: Children’s German Film Festiv al [Date: Tue, 16th, Wed, 17th, Thu, 18th July / Time: 11.00 am / Venue: State Art Gallery Auditorium]

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  • Anna Edlin
    *Invite to the Press*** * * *Goethe-Zentrum Hyderabad & the Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation* *invite you to the * * * ChildrenÆs German Film
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      Invite to the Press


      Goethe-Zentrum Hyderabad & the Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation

      invite you to the


      Children’s German Film Festival

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      Date: Tue, 16th, Wed, 17th, Thu, 18th July

      Time: 11.00am

      Venue: State Art Gallery Auditorium

      Inaugurated by Ms Chandana Khan (Spl Chief Secy to Govt (Tourism, Cultural Affairs & Archaeology)


      For three continuous days, Goethe-Zentrum Hyderabad and the APTDC will entertain the little champs from selected state schools and NGO’s with an exclusive set of movies from Germany.


      Tue, 16th July, 11.00am

      The wishing table

      Director: Ulrich König, colour, 58 min., 2008

      Max is the youngest of three brothers and so incapable that his father sends him off to herd some goats. But Max wants to go out into the world and learn a manual craft like his brothers. After their apprenticeships, all three of them return home with gifts given to them by the master craftsmen: as tokens of thanks for their work, they have received a wishing-table, a gold-ass and a cudgel in the sack.


      Wed, 17th July, 11.00am

      The brave little tailor

      Director: Christian Theede, colour,58 min., 2008

      “Seven with one Blow ” - the young hero, who declares this of himself, is a tailor who killed seven flies with one swat. The little tailor therefore feels he is destined for greater things and sets out into the world. He first meets a group of giants, whom he outwits, and then he meets the eccentric king and his beautiful daughter Paula. He is to take her as his wife, but first he must pass a number of tests of courage and save the kingdom.


      Thu, 18th July, 11.00am

      The Town Musicians of Bremen

      Director: Dirk Regel, colour, 58 min., 2009

      The fairytale “The Town Musicians of Bremen” tells of four animals who are getting on in years and are thus destined to be killed. Donkey, dog, cat and rooster are able, however, to escape their destiny and decide to try their luck as town musicians in Bremen. On their nocturnal journey they discover a lit-up house and a big adventure begins.



      For more info: 040-23350443 or anna.edlin@...



      Please depute your reporter and staff photographer to cover the same

      Thank you!

      Anna Edlin
      Project Coordinator

      20 Journalist Colony                                                        
      Road No. 3 Banjara Hills 
      Hyderabad 500 034  
      Tel.: 2335 0473, 2335 0040

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