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Re: [karmayog-hyd] Demoralization of a population

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  • Suryanarayana Ambadipudi
    Thought provoking. All your postings are excellent. Is the msg reaching to the concerned ? *A S N* *Never confuse Kindness with Weakness* ... Thought
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 24, 2013
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      Thought provoking.
      All your postings are excellent.
      Is the msg reaching to the concerned ?

      A S N
      Never confuse Kindness with Weakness

      On Mon, Jun 24, 2013 at 12:37 PM, vadlapudi kesavarao <vkvk9058@...> wrote:

      Demoralization of a population

      How does a population get demoralized? How did the victim group accept untouchability and other evils? The simple rule is—no one can insult you unless you agree to be insulted.Acceptance of insults leads to self-insulting and you begin to feel guilty to feel equal or assert for your rights. The victims begin to feel that it is their duty to pocket insults.

      When this pocketing of insults by the targeted group becomes normal, it gets embedded in literature, music, songs, dances and other art forms. Whether it is anti semetism, or the slavery of Negros or the slavery on non-Muslims practised in the Muslim countries, the evils were established after the targeted group lost gradually the will to fight and as a result, the insulting itself was made into a cultural feature.

      The victim group begins cooperating with the oppressors in being victimized. In America, religious priests were engaged to preach the black slaves that it was a sin to run away and cause financial loss to the owners.Negroes themselves were used to control the black slaves.In the extermination camps of Hitler,some selected jews were employed to torment the other jews with the only concession that they will be exterminated last. They were called kapos.

      No oppressed population got itself freed from the oppressors without fighting.

      Today the Seemandhras are on their way to become the oppressed population. The chief harvester and his followers casually use derogatory words on the Seemandhras. Many chota poets are writing poems belittling the Seemandhras. All the steps needed to make the Seemandhras as the subject population are being carried out. Wearing out the Seemandhras and demoralizing them is in full swing.



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