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Language-the soul of a community

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  • vadlapudi kesavarao
    *Language as the expression of the Soul*** *Every living person wants to communicate. He/She wants to express his/her
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 16, 2013

      Language as the expression of the Soul

      Every living person wants to communicate. He/She wants to express his/her thoughts,feelings,inspirations,dedications,observations,discoveries,inventions,,love,hate,anxiety,ambitions...the list is as long as the words in all the dictionaries in all languages. Language thus represents the essence, the very soul of a community. Pride in one’s own language is the very basis of one’s existence. Remove the language from a community, the community dies, the culture dies, the achievements, History, Heritage...everything dies.

      In our neighbouring Tamilnadu, you find an absolute and total love and pride for their language. They love their language so much, that music and song are embedded into their lives. Tamilnadu is a language of music and songs. As a result Tamilnadu was/is producing great scientists, engineers, thinkers, artists...the list is very big.

      Now go to Tamilnadu and say—Tamil Deyyam.Your head will be cut by any and every Tamilian.

      Let us compare ourselves with them. Here the man who coined the phrase, Telugu Deyyam, can phone from his farmhouse and call for a bandh, devastating the lives of millions. He need not even meet anyone. He caused the death of hundreds of BPL youth in their prime but still no one questions why? He has organized the very murder of the Telugu state, still he is a Mahatma.


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