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  • Thiagarajan Arunachalam
    ... From: Sridharan Pillai Pakkam Nattu Date: Mon, Apr 22, 2013 at 7:02 PM Subject: Re: Street lighting- Ref Thiagarajan
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      From: Sridharan Pillai Pakkam Nattu <p.n.sridharan@...>
      Date: Mon, Apr 22, 2013 at 7:02 PM
      Subject: Re: Street lighting- Ref Thiagarajan Arunachalam's message and Dr.
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      Dear Readers of Karmayog,

      Ref : Dr.Sadanand Nadkarni's observations on street lighting etc Karmayoug Digest No 6547 of 22nd April '13.

      Dr.Sadanand Nadkarni - Ex Dean of LTM College, Sion has motivated me to elaborate on how I picked up social work from my father and mother.

      I thank him.

      If you take one step forward, in every Govt or BMC Dept, there are people ready to help you if it is in the interest and welfare of the Aam Admi

      The world is not so bad.
      There are excellent people everywhere.
      We don't motivate to contribute..

      They know they are also part of the society and their families also will  the benefit if they help those bringing issues of public interest.

      Be polite. Make the authorities  (even if he is a clerk) feel that they are important to the society.

      Who will / can refuse to help you ?

      In every street, we must have few people who follow-up very ordinary things like picking up a stone on our way, complaining to the right dept about street lights etc.

      We must tell our children to ring up BMC etc and complain.

      We should not tell our children why you are doing these things. You must get good grades and earn a fat income.

      You can see that this attitude of insensitivity is the reason for all the attrocities on girl child and women we read every day.

      In 2010, on 15th August, I put up 4 notice painted notice boards at the Jn o f Vallab Baug Lane with Shanti Path and opposite to MHR Pollice Sports complex abutting EE Highway. I adopted three language formula and put up 4 boards at my expense.

      One is showing the plan of the locality in English and Hindi / Marathi.

      The other three are Warning Notice for those committing nuisance - like hawking, dumping,parking vehicles, etc in English, Hindi and Marathi.

      One board is the plan of the locality with land marks, BEST routes(404 & 507) plying thr Shanti Park. It gives the names of all the buildings.
      It also has the pole Nos of the Street lights.

      On the plan, is also given the telephone nos of BMC authorities and Reliance Energy Supervisor in charge of Street Lighting at Govandi.

      If you call them 2 to 3 times, they know you are sincere and thereafter your will

      We must tell our children to do this service. It is so easy with Mobile phones and e mail.

       Unite Families - Don't get upset- Be a Karmayogi-it is easy :

      E mails can fill the void.
      There is an urgent need to keep our relations in tact especially when joint family system has disappeared.

      How to unite your relations when no one has time to meet each other:
      As a Sr.citizen, I use e mails to forward useful information  to all my relatives  and especially youngsters who don't have the time and  opportunity to come together  as they are busy with their own works.
      they will do your work immediately.

      A month ago, I had given a letter to Asst.Commissioner N ward for desilting Storm water drains in our locality. They are doing it.but it is very slow. I must visit more often and impress upon them of the limited time left for the arrival of monsoon.

      I attend all the exhibitions and support social, charitable and religious organisations to know their problems, new techniques etc.


      P.N.Sridharan ( 71 yrs).
      0 97571 34564
      Sarena  C 502
      Shanti Park
      Ghatkopar East
      Mumbai 400077
      Ph:91-022-2506 5011

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