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Fw: "English Vs Local Language" - a presentation from my side meant for onward publication / circulation

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  • Thiagarajan Arunachalam
    “English” Vs “Local Language” Prima facie, let us analyze the term “Language” – I have described / defined “Language” as seen in this
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 6, 2012
      “English” Vs “Local Language”

      Prima facie, let us analyze the term “Language” –

      I have described / defined “Language” as seen in this Stanza:-


      Springing straight from the depths of the heart

      “Feeling” transformed into an “Expression” reeling through Mind

      “Expression” dancing through the Lip Movements,

      Gets delivered the message through “Language”


      A “feeling” formed in the heart, “transformed” into an “expression”, reeling through “mind”, dancing through the “Lip Movements” gets delivered in the form of a “message” through “Language”. - Looks quite interesting! Isn’t it? –

      The basic purpose of “Language” is “communication” –

      The basic purpose of “communication” prima facie aims at the “exchange of feelings” – personal or professional – individual or institutional – inside the “family” or outside the “family” –within the “Society” or “community”.

      There-after it concentrates on establishing an effective impact on the person to whom such communication stands passed on.  It further leads to the exchange of each other’s feelings through application of mind ultimately aiming at achieving the resultant output ie., impressing the person to whom communication stands passed on undoubtedly with a view to get a positive connotation from him or her. The response may be positive or negative.

      Coming to “Local Language”, it lays stress on such language which is used as a means of communication within certain geographical barriers. Region to Region – State to State & Country to Country, the “Local Language” differs.


      “Knowledge” gets delivered through “Language”.  It is “Universal” and it has no barriers. It should not have any barriers at all, failing which the knowledge goes waste becoming totally unproductive.  There must be  a via media through which these barriers get erased thereby facilitating such communication universal creating an international understanding  thereby and there-through spreading of knowledge. Knowledge has tentacles moving from any side to every side.  It is Universal and International.

      “English” is a common language sought for and spoken without any geographical barriers.  I have defined “English” as follows:-

      E – Essential for

      N – National and

      G – Global

      L – Linguistic

      I – Interaction for

      S – Serving

      H – Humanity.

      When one can understand, read, write, speak and effectively communicate in “English”, why we are feeling so dogmatic about our “Local Language”? Is it not because of our vested interests? How many of these so called Politicians and those Advocators advocating for making the Local Language compulsory in their respective States are sending their children – kith and kin to the Schools or Colleges or Universities adopting “Local Language”? How many of their children are sent to Foreign Countries for the purpose of their Education??.  All Bull shit! They talk of “Common Man” in all their “speeches” and “preachings” mostly political oriented aimed at and accompanied by their own vested interests. According to me, “Common Man” is a “Man” for whose problems, there is always and in all ways a continuous COMMA (,) on, whose fate is totally crushed the moment the related speech or preaching is over.

      “English” is “International” providing an “Universal Plat Form” and an “Universal Forum” for exchange of knowledge – facilitating employment and self employment without any geographical barriers.  

      Look at these Politicians or such persons advocating for the Local Language, who shall be mainly viewing TV channels in English or other languages.  What to talk of this! Their mobiles are filled with English songs and English tunes!!.  


      We – the members of general public at large – should not get carried away by the irrelevant and unjustified speeches of these vested interests.  Kindly go through the following message got circulated by me through “Karmayog Foundation:”  

      Subject: Introduction of Intensive Coaching in English in Gujarat – regarding

      To: vkvk9058@gmail. com
      Cc: sthumakunta@ yahoo.com

      Date: Wednesday, 5 December, 2012, 2:39 AM

      Respected Sir,

      I am highly pleased to agree with your presentation on the subject circulated through Karmayog Foundation message. 
      Knowledge has no barriers.  It only has the carriers facilitating the promotion of Careers dedicated to the cause of the community in one way or the other.  Induction of Basic Employability Skills & Self Employment Skills should be the main criterion in the process of obtaining purposeful education aiming prima facie at the acquiring of Knowledge through which obtaining Livelihood.  Government of India had been talking a lot about Livelihood Promotions through platforms but such platforms have been reduced to mere Flat Forums leaving the basic purpose allowed to lie flat.  Livelihood is taken care of through Employment or Self Employment.  Employment has no barriers.  Self Employment has
      no barriers.  One can shine at International Level.  Hence English should be encouraged and if it is possible whole-hearted all round efforts are to be put in to give prominence to English and encourage the citizens to learn and then earn.

      I have defined English as Essential for National & Global Linguistic Interaction for Serving Humanity.  Such is the glorious global place it occupies.  Coming to the policies of the government, Nationalization was the crave of the day once upon a time and later, Privatization became the pulse of the government.  Why?! It is not just because of the changing global situation but also because of vested interests. If you are thinking of common good, be practical.

      For your kind information, I am the incharge of India, Bhutan, Maldives & Nepal for and on behalf of World Virtual School, State of Illinois, USA handling a US Department of Overseas Education Sponsored Project, charging not even a single pie despite myself having been honoured with the appointment in the capacity of Director of Curriculum Development and also the Director of Central Asia Virtual School entrusted with the responsibility of promoting my educational concept in 72 Countries under Asia.

      The Educational Concept is very simple.  We shall be selecting the candidates who have passed 7th Standard in English Medium Schools.  They shall be extended intensive training in English, Computer Fundamentals and Internet Operations for a period of One year termed as Foundation Course.

      Later they shall be trained three years covering High School in the First Year, Intermediate Diploma in the Second year and Graduation Diploma in the Third Year besides inducting in them Basic Employability Skills and Self Employment Skills during the period of 3 years.  Candidates coming out of these institutions shall be awarded Graduation Diploma from World Virtual School.  Besides this, with proper arrangement with the Joint Director, Modular employability Skills under the Ministry of Labour & Employment ( prima facie acceptance communicated and official formalities in this behalf are under process), each candidate shall be issued Proficiency Certificates for Basic Employability Skills and Self Employment Skills separately.

      With this process, the Employer shall be welcoming these candidates for onward employment because of the fact that they are equipped with both the skills whereby they understand, assimilate and contribute to the maximum productivity in the capacity of an Employee besides duly keeping in mind the interests of the Employer in all directions. 

      Such a great idea could not be encouraged at all by our government both at State level and at Central level, where after, I had to approach the World Virtual School in this behalf.  Initially I was assured 10%
      of the fee collected as Royalty but they made it 50% as Royalty after going through my presentations.  Not only that.  They have accepted to promote my courses of study at international level by passing on 50% of the Course fee as Royalty in my favour.  But problem lies with financial background.  Myself working all alone in this behalf at this age of 67 years could not proceed further in the matter thereby delaying the implementation of launching the said project with effect from 1-1-2013.  In fact I had asked world virtual school to just provide monthly budget covering the launching expenses, recurring expenses towards administration, establishment, advertisement etc., besides fixing monthly remuneration in my favour as deemed fit.  Monthly Budget proposal having been accepted, I have been asked to quote a figure.  I have submitted my detailed proposal to them in this behalf in respect of which I am anticipating a
      reply within a week.

      I request all the Readers to visit our website centralasia. wvs.us.com and also search for Thumakunta Sree Rama on the Face book through Yahoo Mail account for getting at me, my ambitions and my project and also my presentation of articles in English, Telugu and Hind reflecting me and my personality in depth and at length.  I shall be highly obliged, if this message is got circulated to one and all including State Government of Gujarat for the purpose of forming a National Forum in this behalf.

      Yours Sincerely
      for Global Institution for Skills & Careers
      T.H. Sree Rama
      Project Founder & Managing Trustee
      centralasia. wvs.us.com
      thsreerama@yahoo. com
      sthumakunta@ yahoo.com
      sreeramath@yahoo. com
      papecrats@gmail. com
      thumakuntas@ gmail.com
      merimadadkaroplease @hotmail. com
      dated:5th December, 2012"
      We are ”now here” . Let us come out from this kind dogmatic approach leading us “nowhere”.  Let me narrate my practical experience  in this behalf:-
      Top of Form
      Bottom of Form
      During our last pilgrimage to “Tamil Nadu” and “Kerala”, we had to face a lot of difficulties due to “communication problem” in as much as people in rural areas of “Tamil Nadu” or “Kerala” do not understand or Speak “English”.  We were unable to read the names of the hotels or restaurants or even the items of dishes as they were all written in Tamil in Tamil Nadu and Malayalam in Kerala.  We could not identify whether the hotel was a veg. or non-veg hotel and whether the item was a veg item or non-veg item. You cannot get any response, unless you communicate in your local language This is the worst situation. It was a great sorrowful incident.  Immediately after coming back from the pilgrimage, I started a project by name” Linguistic Interaction Processing Services” (LIPS).  I am in the process of coming out with a Multi-lingual Chart providing the appropriate “Local term in the Local Language” “together with pronunciation in English Version prima facie and then “other Language version” later.  All the terms starting with me and my body – me and my family – me and my neighbor-hood – Me and my society and ultimately me and the Universe, the words of daily usage at domestic level – business level – tours and travel level – anything and everything are proposed to be got incorporated in these charts.

      Above all these things, if you collect the data pertaining to the number of Indians working abroad from different states of india and also their earnings through their employment and also self-employment, the impact could be very much felt. With this background, I advocate against making compulsory the local language in any Indian state.

      T.H. Sree Rama


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      Subject: "English Vs Local Language" - a presentation from my side meant for onward publication / circulation
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      Respected Sir,

      While thanking your good self for having been kind enough in adding my name as a membner of your Karmayog Foundation - Hyderabad, I am attaching here with an article on the topic: "English Vs Local Language" for the purpose of onward circulation among the members of the group.

      Thanking your good self

      Yours Sincerely
      T.H. Sree Rama
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