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Website for Dalit youth magazine 'Insight Young Voices'

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  • Chandni Parekh
    From: anoop kumar Date: 2009/6/30 Subject: Launching the website for our Dalit youth magazine Insight Young Voices Dear Friends,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 31, 2009

      From: anoop kumar <anoopkheri@...>
      Date: 2009/6/30
      Subject: Launching the website for our Dalit youth magazine 'Insight Young Voices'

      Dear Friends,


      Insight Editorial Collective is pleased to inform you about the launching of
      the website for our Dalit youth magazine 'Insight Young Voices'.

      - The *URL for the sites* are as follows:-

        - http://insightyv.com/    -   [The main site will have the latest issues
        of our magazine and will double up as an e-resource center for Dalit and
        Tribal students and act as a platform for providing mentorship as well as
        information regarding various scholarships, admissions and career

        - http://archive.insightyv.com/  -  [Top ten past issues of our magazine
        like Caste and Gender, Caste and Nationalism, Caste and Atrocities have been
        uploaded and can be accessed by our readers]

        - http://blog.insightyv.com/   -  [ We have also started a blog
      called '*Round
        Table*'  where our 22 member team will be posting their views, analysis,
        creative writings on different contemporary issues. We are aiming to develop
        this blog as a site to generate discussions and debates on these issues.]

      - Through these sites we are trying to carry forward our magazine's prime
      objective of creating platforms for Dalit and Tribal students to articulate
      their views, contribute to the empowerment of our community as well as fight
      against caste-based discrimination both inside as well as outside the

      - The website for our magazine was long overdue, but with our limited
      resources we were not able to create one till now. The Insight Editorial
      Collective is highly indebted to the  Dalit student group of IIT Mumbai for
      creating our websites and providing all support for uploading the contents.
      We sincerely hope that our readers will access these sites and help us in
      creating a strong and useful online platform for Dalit and Tribal students.

      -  We raise our financial support from within the community for all our
      activities including printing of the magazine. Like all the other small
      magazines it has been a very tough journey for us too. Therefore next few
      issues of our magazine will only be available online and can be read on our
      website. But we are convinced that nothing will please our readers more than
      to see a hard copy of Insight Young Voices in their hands and therefore we
      promise you that we will keep pushing ourselves to create a sustainable
      model for our mag and come back with printed version of our mag very soon.
      - Nest issue of Insight Young Voices to be released on 10th July *
      In this issue we are carrying interviews of 12 noted Dalit academicians,
      scholars, activists and religious leaders from different parts of the
      country. These interviews have been taken by a Dalit student group from
      TISS, Mumbai in collaboration with Insight Editorial Collective with an
      objective of mapping the various trajectories within the Dalit movement in
      last 25 years. The second series of 13 more interviews with similar
      objective will be published in the August 10th issue of our magazine.

      - We request our readers to visit our sites and provide us comments and
      suggestions to improve our efforts. We are planning to gradually develop our
      website with more useful features and your suggestions and comments will
      help us in doing so.

      Insight Editorial Collective

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