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Needed by - ANKURAM - Hyderabad - English and Telugu books

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    Materials Needed by Nonprofits NGO name ANKURAM NGO City Hyderabad NGO State Andhra Pradesh Will you arrange for pick up? Yes Type of Materials Needed English
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 13, 2009

      Materials Needed by Nonprofits
      NGO nameANKURAM
      NGO CityHyderabad
      NGO StateAndhra Pradesh
      Will you arrange for pick up?Yes
      Type of Materials NeededEnglish and Telugu- Story books, drawing books, English Grammar books, 'easy to learn' maths books, hand writing improvement books, General knowledge books, children's news magazines like twinkle etc.,for children of 7yrs-18yrs age.
      Description of MaterialsAnkuram-Sankalpam home for girls has the strength of 65 girls. Monthly once
      Type of Materials NeededSame as above
      Description of MaterialsSame as above
      Type of Materials Neededchildren of age 6yrs to 12 years- clothes
      Description of Materialschudidars/middies/tops and undergarments.
      Type of Materials Needed
      Description of Materials
      contact person 
      nameMs. Sumitra
      phone number04027017446
      Comments for Karmayog.comthanks for this service
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