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  • Thiagarajan Arunachalam
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      Subject: campaign ....CARRY YOUR OWN WATER

      With reference to cutting out the use of plastic:
      we all ask what and how we can do anything. each of us can make a difference. here are more things some of us can do:
      it has become the order of the day to serve cold , chilled water in plastic bottles... besides being bad for he environment, we have been reading reports about how chilling liquids in plastic bottles leads to release of toxins in the beverage and is a cause of cancer in humans, specifically breast cancer in women. In the interest of the environment and your own health, carry your own water. . DO not drink water from plastic bottles, however tempting it may be.
      let us NOT partake of water served in Plastic bottles.completely eschew use of plastic water bottled water. at weddings, at family functions, at any social events. .
      even shops and stores have begun this practice of offering small 200 ml plastic bottles of water to customers...(-instead of rejecting plastic bags, they are adopting more plastic ...)
      sadly we all talk and write of such matters in various fora, but do not really take any action on a personal level.  How many of us reading this, and really concerned , will be brave enough to decline bottled water at  social get togethers, events, functions?how many of us will not use bottled water when we organise such functions??? lets atleast try???
      lets CARRY OUR OWN WATER!!!!!
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