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Invitation to participate in IDCA's First South Regional Conference in Houston on June 4, 2011 at India House

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  • Mohan Jain
        India Development Coalition of America (www.idc-america.org, info@idc-america.org, 630-303-9592)   Dear Fellow NRI/PIO,   We are pleased to invite you
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      India Development Coalition of America
      (www.idc-america.org, info@..., 630-303-9592)
      Dear Fellow NRI/PIO,
      We are pleased to invite you to pariciapte in our:
      First South Regional Conference
      Date:  June 4, 2011,
      Time: 9 AM to 5 PM 
      Venue: India House,
      Houston, Texas.
      Conference theme is:
      Working Together to Eradicate Poverty
      and Mitigate Climate Change in India.
      We will have speakers covering  Education, Healthcare, Water, Livelihoods,  Rural Development, and Renewable Energy.

      Invited Speakers Include:
      Mr. Jay Sehgal-- Managing Trustee, Institute for Rural Research and Development, Gurgaon/ De Moines, Iowa
      Mr. Ramesh Shah, Chairman, Ekal Foundation, Houston, Texas
      Dr. Atul Vardarajan, president, Pratham USA, Dallas, Texas
      Dr. Kirtikumar Shah, Akshaya Patra Foundation, Houston, Texas,
      Ms. Roopal Shah, Director, IndiCorps, Houston, Texas,
      Mrs. Subha Varma  Pathial, Chinmaya Organization for Rural Development, Houston, Texas
      Ms. Roopa Gir, All India Citizen's Alliance for Progress and Development (Haryana), Houston, Texas
      Dr. Sam Kannapan, GOPIO, Houston, Texas
      Mr. Vishal Bang, Coordinator, Vibha, Houston  Area Chapter
      Mr. Darshan Soni, SEWA International, Houston, Texas
      Praveen Potineni, Isha Foundation  Inner Engineering, Houston, TX
      Register NOW and SAVE$$$
      For Registration and program information visit: www.idc-america.org/upcoming.htm  or call: Mr. Porus Dadabhoy at: 630-960-2425 or
      Dr. Mohan Jain at: 630-303-9592

      About IDCA
      IDCA is   a not-for-profit organization registered in the state of Illinois since 2004. We obtained our 501 (c)(3) tax exemption status in 2005 from the U. S. Internal service. We have been engaged since 2004 in promoting sustainable development in India to eradicate poverty and minimize damage to our environment. We promote networking, collaboration, learning, giving, and volunteering both in US and India to support our member and partner organizations so as to help eradicate poverty. To this effect we have been bringing NPOs/NGOs and concerned members of our community in our  Annual regional and International conferences both in India and the US and regular monthly seminars in the Chicago. So far we have organized 7 International conferences in Chicago, one in Indiana, Eight International conferences in India (New Delhi, Gurgaon, Jaipur, and Hyderabad),  and 5 regional conferences (Washington, New York, Detroit, and Milpitas, California). Each conference we have 10-15 speakers representing organizations working in the areas mentioned above. For the US conference we invite one or more NGOs from India also. We urge you to visit our website (www.idc-america.org)   for more information.
      Our recent conference held in Gurgaon on January 12, 2011, we had more than 100 people participate including more than 30 students from 3 US Universities who came to India to learn about and contribute towards the work of many of our NGO partners. We had speakers from organizations as far as Kerala and Delhi. Next year we will have our conference in Jaipur on January 11-12 following the Pravasi Bhartiya Diwas there. Following our conference in Houston on June 4 we are planning our DC conference on August 13, Chicago International Conference on October 15-16 and California conference on November 12-13. On March 26, we had India Water Forum to celebrate World Water Day to create awareness about the water issues in India. On April 23, we celebrated Earth Day by organizing a Forum and creating awareness about environmental issues in US and India and how each of us can help reduce our ecological foot print for our own survival.
      Please forward this email to your contacts in Houston, Dallas, Austin, Texas, New Orleans, Okhlahama, Arkansas, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Arizona and Mississipi,  and encourage them to join us..
      Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
      Warm regards,
      Mohan L. Jain, Ph.D.
      Trustee and Founder President,
      India Development Coalition of America
      "Working Together to Eradicate Poverty
      and Mitigate Climate Change  in India"
      630-303-9592 (O)
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