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Why Uptown Mumbai to honour war heroes

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  • Thiagarajan
    Why Uptown Mumbai to honour war heroes Posted by: Anil Bagarka apeebee@gmail.com Fri Nov 5, 2010 12:13 pm (PDT) *Anil P. Bagarka* *`Shri-Niwas ,* *Shriniwas
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      Why Uptown Mumbai to honour war heroes
      Posted by: "Anil Bagarka" apeebee@...
      Fri Nov 5, 2010 12:13 pm (PDT)

      *Anil P. Bagarka*
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      3 November 2010

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      The Editor,


      Overshadowed by the illegality, corruption, venality of the `Adarsh' scam, is the absence of logic of reserving a plot of land in uptown Mumbai for Kargil war heroes and families of martyrs! Was it expected that any of them would be capable of paying a sum of minimum 60 lakhs for a flat? Would they be able to give the exorbitant maintenance charges? What sense does it make to pluck them out of their ancestral places and plant them in unfamiliar surroundings! The promoter of the society is reported to have said that they could sell their ancestral properties to get these posh flats! It is doubtful if the property these brave soldiers owned would get them a first class ticket to Mumbai leave alone a prestigious address! And what would they be doing in Mumbai after having settled in the luxurious accommodation? Would it not be better if they were alloted land or houses nearer their present paces. Surely, the defence force has enough land in various locations in the country to make it convenient for them.

      The only inference the simple-minded common man can make is that the alleged sympathy for war widows and Kargil heroes was a well-thought out audacious strategy for usurping public land at throw-away prices for the well-connected people, who definitely do not need or deserve any largesse at the cost of the tax-paying aam admi!

      * *

      Anil P. Bagarka
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